Welcome to My Crib

Yesterday was a banner day of sorts. Another awesome care package from KT of Tennessee (traveling time = 13 days) filled with Christmas candy and goodies. A mail pouch with two, count ’em, two Christmas cards. My first card, included in the package, was from KT. The second came from MX (I like to think of it as the 51st state) and the third from Gamamae of MA. All lovely in different ways!

Gamamae’s, however, showed particular effort. A collage of family photos, the inside was personalized and FUN. Included was a poem (?) by one Oren Arnold, of whom I know nothing about. But I love the sentiment so much that I am reproducing it here for your general well-being, edification, and enlightenment. Gracias, Gammy!

“Christmas gift suggestions:
To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To a customer, service.
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect.”

Cheers to all my dear readers. I am off to the Land of Not-So-Plenty and am taking a hiatus until ….? I have been blogging for three years – two years, and two moves, longer than I said I would. It has been a mighty discipline to this most undisciplined of princesses. In the above photo, is my Spanish/Brazilian/American Christmas tree, the only one I am putting up in Madrid. It is adorned with a collection of White House ornaments given to me by Flaky Friend. These are my favorite Christmas ornaments*. No matter the administration, our mutual love for the White House and all it stands for, is a bond we share. I am so looking forward to this year’s – it’s a winner. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FLAKY FRIEND! See you in 2010.

Question: are you traveling to be with family this Christmas?

*Next to the one I get every year from Mr. Understanding.



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14 responses to “Welcome to My Crib

  1. mood ring mama

    I love the Oren Arnold poem – really beautiful and everything Christmas should be about. Hats off to Gamamae for that great card enclosure.

    I also love that FF gives you the White House ornament every year. Such a fun tradition.

  2. MCV

    Love the poem. Love FF. Yes, we are traveling: 18th through 23rd to LA to be w/ in-laws and the 25th up the road to be w/ my other sister and parents. Good times. Great post. Keep up the blogging.

    MCV was here

  3. Princess Ai Lin

    With such a deep-seated love of the White House and all it stands for, wondering how Expat Princess weighs in on the WH party crashers — and their defense?

  4. MRM: xoxoxo

    MCV: xoxoxo

    PAL: Please. They should be prosecuted for trespassing. Although, I am going to guess that the social secretary is somehow responsible as well. They remind me of the awful balloon family. Were you looking for some other response? What do you think, PAL ? We should have discussed it in our phone conversation!

  5. Princess Ai Lin

    I think they are ridiculous and not worth as much print as they have gotten. They should be prosecuted and that is that.

  6. Random Tom

    What a wonderful verse; an excellent rule for living actually. We are heading to the great white North for rum and eggnogs and snowmobile racing. I just came back from the garage where I had the car winterized.
    I will have to keep the hot toddies coming for my weatherproofing
    May you have the most merry Christmas Princess!


  7. flaky friend

    I love the poem as well and the birthday wishes and the birthday package. You are the best. I will be sending your package — with this year’s ornament — off to Floriday by Saturday. As always I am behind. Love and hugs — FF.

  8. maria

    So you will be out of Madrid for Christmas…..my mom would send your present from Vigo to you….or should I send for your usa adress?

  9. expat princess

    Darling Maria,

    Have her send it to Spain in about a week! I am home Jan.3! When are you coming in April????

  10. FF & Random Mot: forgot to comment! thanks for writing in. Florida and Casa Hodge Podge are lovely. No hot toddies, here, however although it is a tad chilly. Merry Christmas!

  11. maria

    Good!she will be in Spain till february .i will call you in usa….-6hours now?

  12. MCV

    New post please 🙂

  13. Working up to it, MCV, working up to it!

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