Holy Toledo!

After visiting Toledo, Mood Ring Momma, Leezer and I understand why it is Holy, and to more than one culture. The Moors, Jews, and Christians lived in relative peace here for approximately 700 years before Ferdinand and Isabel took over. Cardenal Sancha was recently beatified here and his bones are in a box in an altar on in the chapel of San Pedro in the cathedral. The sacristy is, as advertised, a mini-Prado with Titians, Grecos, Van Dycks, and a Rubens, to name just a few of the all star artists. Vestments from the cardenals of Christopher Columbus’ time were also on display. It is the only church I have ever seen with a super cool skylight. Although not Catholic, I miss the votive candles – tiny electric lights at the altars don’t cut it for me. By the time my next visitors get here, I will have the city down pat.



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2 responses to “Holy Toledo!

  1. 425heidi

    Huh? You have MRM and Leezer visiting and all you post is something about holy history? Sorry, Princess. I am a little disappointed. I know the story of MRM falling on the cobblestone streets had to be a funny one. And, Leezer had to have done something funny with all the good beer around. Regardless, glad to see you got your sister to walk into a church again.

  2. MCV

    425Heidi, your last sentence actually made me laugh out loud.

    MCV was Here

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