I am muy cansada after a walk amongst the streets of the Chueca district with the Swedes and una Mexicana. Am weary tambien of the word a day blogging – aren’t you? Shingle Berry, a friend of PAL’s, Klab’s, MCV’s, and MRM’s from their trailer trash days, and mine now via Shingles referred pain, reminded me today that Shingles fatigue endures and of her continued Shingles vaccination crusade.

Ya hiciste tu vacuna? Go get it done! Ahora!



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5 responses to “Cansada

  1. Raftbuddy

    Expat- off topic but wondering what you are hearing over there about the “goth” daughters of
    Spain’s PM. Apparently there was a photo taken of the daughters with the Obamas and it was published over there (despite a ban on photos of the “first daughters” of Spain’s PM) with faces blurred, and with much negative commentary about their fashion choices. Had no idea that there was such a ban in Spain- assumed press would be much freer.

  2. Recant? Maybe when the Browns and the Bengals both beat the Eagles and the Steelers in the same season, but until then it’s Lewis and Clark territory.

  3. P.S. See prior post to Sept. 25 regarding “Philly”, as if it were a cheese steak or something.

  4. Raftbuddy: Go to The Huffington Post (Hillary Moss) and for photos and story. Fascinating! The Goth daughters are eerily reminiscent of the Addams Family. I do not get the newspaper so did not see their photos on the front pages, which were snapped in NY. Interestingly, the girls are photographed with the appropriately dressed Obamas. I will continue to follow this story. I wonder where the girls go to school?

  5. Dr. F: I was talking about your Ohio comment. Some of my readers are from Ohio, you know ….

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