Meeting Raul


Zapatos have been big on Facebook this week. Flaky Friend bought a perfect pair. Mood Ring Momma had to put her heels in mothballs for the health of her feet. In what is arguably the best fashion statement of the week, Thing 2 had one of his favorite pair signed by Raul of Real Madrid today, something perhaps on which we can all agree?



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6 responses to “Meeting Raul

  1. Princess Ai Lin

    Now THIS is muy importante!! Agreed! Congrats Thing 2! Wait till I tell my Thing 1! BTW – he needs a handle…

  2. mood ring mama

    Super excited for Raul – that is so cool! Is Will going to wear the shoes any more?

  3. mom43longs

    Very exciting for Thing 2!!! Loved the last post but just couldn’t bring myself to comment what with being from Ohio and all. Love to smile while reading.

  4. PAL: you have to give your Thing 1 a handle. Something Chinese?

    MRM: shoes retired, although may be worn on Sundays.

    Bea Long: Ohio rocks and you know it. Dr. Franklin was just chain-yanking.

  5. Princess Ai Lin

    just after I wrote that I thought of a handle – duh – little dragon!!!! That IS his name, after all…

  6. PAL: Little Dragon it is! Great name!

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