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Tonight was high escuela open house …. I had some excellent professores in my humble high school, chief among them Madame Dalsant (ze Francais) and Colonel Kasun (US History). Thing 1’s have potential but I confess to distrusting teachers fifteen years younger than moi.

J’adore la histoire.

Longer posts to follow in Octubre. Estas comprendo el contexto de las palavras? Bonus points if you understand this in both languages.



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5 responses to “Back to …

  1. MCV

    school, teachers/professors, French, me, I love history, October, Do you understand the context/meaning of these words?


    MCV was here.

  2. MCV = winner of bonus prizes!

  3. Mr. Understanding


    After 20 some years, I can finally correct your spelling:

    comprendiendo (grammer) and palabras (spelling)

    Yeah for Mr. Understanding. It’s a great day!

  4. Mr. Understanding: grammar! Thanks for the hot tip though! I will not correct my original post.

  5. Mr. Understanding

    It was a test…..

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