I missed a day! Yikes!

My cerebro drew a blank yesterday. Ni modo. Today I went on a walk with some fellow newcomers tracing the route of the old city walls of Madrid, at least the first two of them. Did you know that Madrid was first settled as a Muslim military camp in 711 A.D.? They routed the Visigoths in the area and settled in until 1492. All of this was news to me, my European history not being up to snuff. Did you know that all Spanish words beginning with “al” are Arabic in origin? Alcazar*, almuerzo**, almacen***, Al Jazeera, almost. Get it?

* fortress
** lunch
*** warehouse



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6 responses to “Whoops!

  1. Mood Ring Mama

    Leezer is going to eat this up . . . All very interesting. I’m going to start using “ni modo” all the time – love it! Can’t wait for the report on the shopping tour next week!

  2. Que es “Al Gore?” Arabic for “The Loon?” Modo!

  3. gamamae

    Alhambra..my dad just mentioned it hoje – worth a visit BTW!
    Beijos MK!

  4. MRM: Ni modo is from my Mexican days, pero ni modo. Leezer is going to super-freak, this is true!

    Alaric: is that short for alacrity?

    Gammy: Have fun with Katpat this weekend. Hope to have a communal chat. And strangely, I woke up thinking about the Alhambra and Washington Irving’s Tales which I should read. But really alfombra = carpet = is one of my favorite words. And do you think almofada (en Portuguese) is Arabic? Eu acho que si.

    • gamamae

      Having a GREAT Time with KATPAT! Kathy has interpreted Martha Stewart in a whole new way! I LOVE it, as they say in these parts, doodle! I’m on a mission for grits. BTW – The W. Irving book is what my dad held up to show me, and made me suggest Alhambra to you. Com certeza about almofada and alfaiate too!

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