Partido de Futbol

Soccer game. Real Madrid v. Xerez (the part of Spain, where, I believe, the cooking wine sherry comes from). Thing 2 & Sr. Understanding are taking the cercanias ( ser-can-e-ahs = suburb train) to the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu (Santiago Bernabeu Stadium) to watch our beloved Brasileiro Kaka kick it! Game time is in two hours.



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7 responses to “Partido de Futbol

  1. Kick Kaka Kick! Kick it into the GOOOOOAL, or use your Head. Surely the team of the King can take the winos del Sandeman.

  2. Raftbuddy

    Just caught up on your month! Just settling back into a routine here, with American Football (#2 and my dad), your “futbol” (#3), and #1’s senior year and her latest show. Enjoying my quiet days more than I should (sometimes going back to bed in the mornings for a wee bit)! So glad that you have blue sky and belongings…

  3. Sarah P

    How come you didn’t go? I would love to see Kaka…he’s just too cute. 🙂

  4. Mood Ring Mama

    We watched a little. At the time RM was winning 1-0. Hope it ended well and Kaka didn’t step in it.

  5. Pele: sadly, no goal for Kaka. But the seats were excellent – the boys saw 4 of them in the end zone.

    Raftbuddy: why more than you should?! I seriously need that time alone. Call me sometime a la vonage when you are snuggled in bed.

    Sarah P: los billetes fueron caros! It was part of Thing 2’s 13th birthday man/child father/son bonding Christian bar mitzvah. The pay off was HUGE. I will be going in the future for sure. Kaka is a super cutie!

    MRM: 5-0, Kaka taken out in 3rd quarter to let other boys shine. Do you want to tour the stadium when you are here?

  6. maria

    back from Croatia now……I´m Happy to know your spanish routine is more than great.Kaka é tudo de bom…..

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