Pay-lu-kuh-rhea. Rhymes with … Moctezuma’s Revenge.

Well, the last laugh is always on me. Mr. Understanding’s Blackberry alarm did not go off at the appointed hour and when we woke up and realized it was light out, we knew we were in big trouble. The bus was arriving in two minutes and it was Thing 3’s picture day. That’s what I get for taking Tylenol PM. Scurrying, scurrying, I drove the Things to school; Mood Ring Momma’s rap CD pimped our ride, cutting the tension. What, my children wondered, possessed Aunt Mood Ring to come up with such a playlist??? We were only 4 minutes late.

Then I drove myself downtown with my friend Mr. TomTom. On the way, I passed a monument all decked out in red, white, and green banners and paper bells and remembered it is El Dia De La Independencia in Mexico. Viva Mexico! Viva! It’s what all Mexicans scream at the appointed hour after a rousing speech from the president from his balcony on the zocalo. This year promises to be particularly moving after the year the Mexicans have had: los narcos, swine flu, and mas narcos. Independence Day was one of my favorite Mexican holidays, a toss up with Day of the Dead. Martita is hosting a Gringo Grito potluck en el D.F. to celebrate. Wish I was there!

Having successfully located the peluqueria, I got a haircut, highlights (who me?), and a pedicure. Then I treated myself to a ridiculously expensive Starbucks latte before moving on to (surprisingly affordable) Zara Home where indulged in a little bit of retail therapy: glasses and a table cloth. All better now. Viva! How’s your vocabulary coming? Sick of it?



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4 responses to “Peluqueria

  1. MCV

    not sick of vocabulary. keep it up.

    MCV was here. xoxoxo

  2. Mood Ring Mama

    My musical taste is all over the map, I admit it. But a little Nelly never hurt anyone, right? And come on, while they were probably perplexed, you know they loved it. With that I’m going to pump up some Country Grammar. Word.

  3. Princess Ai Lin

    ZARA Home??? Fantastico! Sounds infinitely more appealing than IKEA.

  4. PAL: Yes! And there is a small one near my house:)! Today = 4th trip to Ikea ….

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