Hey Good Lookin’

What you got cookin?

My children are eating breakfast by candlelight these days before they head off to school. The sun rises and sets late here. The boxes are cleared from one room, la cocina. This morning I made my children a hearty desayuno of French toast made with icky Carrefour croisssants and fruta. Dinner will be some type of grilled puerco that I accidentally purchased before figuring out the price. Meal planning taxes my already strained brain.

That is quatro words for your vocabulary today on American Labor Day. Can you figure out what the words mean? Muy facil.



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9 responses to “Hey Good Lookin’

  1. Sarah P

    Let’s see : kitchen, breakfast, fruit, and pork. I’m hoping I’m somewhere close. There is quite the sticker shock for steak in Manila but porco and frango is very cheap. BTW, xmas cards go to US or Espana address?

  2. Sarah P

    I’m guessing: Kitchen, breakfast, fruit and pork. BTW, do I send xmas card to US or Espana address?

  3. Well, I got those words. You would be so proud of me. I have purchased a paperback dictionary for my desk. Now do I have to get one in Spanish?

  4. Muy facile? Very facile; you need a facial; you are fragile; you’ve very fragile?

  5. Sarah P: no fair! You have the Spanish colonized Philippines to help you out. You are right, however!

    Radish: por supuesto!

    Lisa: how did you know?

  6. MCV

    I forgot to say . . . MCV was here. xoxoxo

  7. Lisa, can I have a facial too?

  8. Got your contact e-mail. Thank you! Can read your blog now w/o problems!!! Yahoo! I’m surprised to find you still shopping at Carrefour. ¿Qué pasa?
    Besos, Conny

  9. Bienvenidos Conny! Tu puedes contribuir mucho aqui. Believe me, I am working up to my Carrefour post … there are no split pants, at least! Que pasa yourself? (Still working on accents, etc., bear with me).

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