Caminando por la Calle*

Nightmare on Elm Street … Photos to follow, sequentially. 425Heidi was right. I almost picked the word for sweaty. My posse of swarthy Spaniards were ripe after a long day of hauling our crap around. The results: superlative. The joy at seeing my Chinese stone lanterns is comparable to seeing the delivery of my cheap Mexican pots from my spot on the pool chair, broken ankle elevated, in Brazil. Imagine, if you will, sipping sangria in the garden illuiminated by geological candle light. The Lord is good to me!

*pronounced cai -yeh, as in Yipee Yi Yo Cay Yay, Mother Facebooker! And who doesn’t love the Gypsy Kings? Thing 1 first grooved to them at 8 months old.

Happy Birthday to Gerald K. in Brazil who keeps the faith and makes sure folks show up on Sunday! HBD to Mrs. O’Leary’s Thing 1 – I hope he’s learned to eat zucchini by now.


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