Madre mia! The Spaniards really like to say this phrase, sort of like our Good Lord! or Meu Deus! or Dios Mio! Why they shift everything onto the Virgen Mary’s shoulders I don’t understand.

Our shipment, the motherload, from China arrives at our doorstep tomorrow at 9. I will be decanting the container alone as the children will be off at school and Mr. Understanding will be in Barcelona, just me and my posse of swarthy Spaniards humping boxes into the house. Good times, people, good times! If you can’t intuit this word, mama mia, I can’t help you!



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9 responses to “Motherload

  1. 425Heidi

    Swarthy and sweaty Spaniards! Ai yi yi! Have fun!

  2. Mood Ring Mama

    I hope you packed some primios to reward yourself for troubles.

  3. MCV

    While I like your word/s of the day, I never liked referring to the act of moving box as “humping”. I’m sure you know who it reminds me of.

    MCV was here. LOVE you. xoxoxo

  4. Expat:
    Did you pack your xanax in the box?

    I am back. Looking forward to reviewing all your posts. Especially the one about hearing loss.

    THank god for your sisters, dear. They get me through.

  5. “humping” boxes? that sounds sort of dry and itchy.

  6. Expat:
    Will you email me? I don’t know what I did with your email address and I asked MCS for it but she is dilatory in getting it to me. đŸ™‚

  7. Ay yi yi! There was a certain jewelry armoire unveiled today, painted to exact specifications, that offset the pain of unloading alone.

    Lisa, ask the sisters about humping boxes. Good subject for your next boat float. Madre mia!

  8. gamamae

    Minha amiga- you have all the fun! Swarthy spaniards doing anything…. I am fantasizing they all look like Gael whats his face or Antonio Banderas. DO NOT ruin it for me by sharing who really showed up.
    As for the humping…I had some friends who were movers in college and would not move appliances without the ” hump strap”..saved their backs, it did!
    Beijocas pra you!

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