Where’s Waldo?


Bird is the word but for today. It’s too hard for your second word. We did see these gorgeous parrots in our fig tree yesterday. Can you find one in the photo gorging him/herself on ripe fruit? It’s not the greatest photo, given the quality of light in the evening and my failing to note this when changing the settings on the camera. A large branch of the tree hangs over the pool. I kept wondering why there was exploded fruit bobbing around at the bottom. Merely falling from the tree would not cause such an impact. It seems the unruly parrots have been dumping their largesse, clogging the pool drains until they made a truly hideous sound, not unlike a person gasping for breath or a laryngectomy patient attempting to speak without their electrolarynx voice machine. The riotous sound of parrots reminds me of waking up in Brazil so I’ll happily clean up their fruit mess. They are tidier, but no less loud, than my children.

Amigo*. That’s your word for the day. As in, “We did not find any amigos at orientation today.” If it is plural, as in a mixed group, one uses the masculine plural form amigos. Amiga for girlfriend, amigas for girlfriends. I did speak with a Britchick expat today with a daughter starting with Thing 3. Potential amiga, especially since she wasn’t wearing a maxi dress and confessed she had round-the-clock live-in help. She actually shuddered when imagining living without it out loud. May have to rethink that whole domestic help issue especially since the worker bees are returning to their hive.

H<strong>appy Birthday to the Argentine Princess Steffi, belly bulging with her 4th child, a boy according to her FB page. Parabens on both fronts!



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3 responses to “Where’s Waldo?

  1. MCV

    Gracias Amiga for writing today. You will find many amigas, as you always do. Who wouldn’t want to be your friend.

    MCV was here. xoxoxoxo MCV .

  2. Mood Ring Mama

    Were there really no amigos to be had at orientation??? You will have to teach me the word for sad next!

  3. Princess Ai Lin

    we need more on the potential amiga situation. perhaps a call is in order. need to know how it all went. XO

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