De Luxe Travel Tips

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When I first moved to Shanghai, a neighbor in the Glama Villas, showed me a handy dandy travel tool, the Luxe City Guides, specifically the Shangahi edition. Essential for expats and travellers alike, the Luxe Guides proudly, unabashedly proclaim to know “the best of the best”. Rightly so. These sleek gems mani-fold several times, depending on the city, and are 6” x 3”, perfect for stuffing in your faux-or-no pocket book. Since then I have invested in several editions of my own. One can customize their own box set or go whole hog and procure the newly minted World Tour boxed set. Witty, enaging, and chock full of information on shopping, dining, and touring, they beat Frommer’s, Fodor’s and Rick Steve’s travel guides over the head with a stick. No, wait, make that a baseball bat. Designed by glamour pusses for glamour pusses, this is no pocket-sized Lonely Planet. With a category called “Advanced Shopping”, how could it possibly? My favorite phrase is their tag line, “Stylish, brutally frank, and sometimes, frankly, brutal.”

Now, if I can just get on board their team … what I wouldn’t give to contribute to their Rio/Sao Paulo (non-existent) and Shanghai editions. Mr. Understanding and I are dipping our toes into the Madrid edition tonight with an anniversary trip to one of Luxe’s recommended restaurants, Piu de Prima listed under the “Smart” dining category. Experiencing First World sticker shock, we are eschewing the “Formal” (read v. expensive) section …. TTFN*.

You can buy your own set at or go directly to like I did to mix and match (they deliver to Shanghai – how fab is that?).

*Luxe speak = Ta Ta For Now. But you all probably already knew that.

** P.S. a big belated 40th birthday blessing to Ms. Virginia on the 20th!!!



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11 responses to “De Luxe Travel Tips

  1. Happy Anniversary. You were a great bride and it was a fun wedding. I am now going to go look at your picture. Love.

  2. Mood Ring Mama

    Happy Anniversary you glamour puss!!! Can’t wait to hear about the dining experience and the Senoritas. Behave. 🙂

  3. China Princess

    Happy Anniversary! #???? Thanks for the call the other day. Was great to hear from you. XOXO

  4. MCV

    why has Princess Ai Lin become China Princess? At least I think it’s the same princess . . .

  5. Raftbuddy

    The baby I was pregnant with at your wedding is now a high school senior. Time flies. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Flaky Friend

    Happy belated anniversary. I was out of town. Hope it was as fun as your wedding.

  7. I consider each year a victory! I do not know why Princess Ai Lin has morphed into China Princess but she is indeed the same person.

    • Princess Ai Lin

      alright! alright! I”ll change it back. sorry for all the confusion….how was dinner?

      • MCV

        Sorry for the hassle Ai Lin. But I do like PAL better . . . but who am I to say? I go by plain initials . . .
        Ai Lin, you should set up a page for RED Travel on Facebook and we can all become FANS!

  8. klab

    HAAAAAaaapy Anniversary!

    Will refer to this post when it is — again — time to travel. ARGH! Need to hear more about the first world, European style… And??

  9. MCV

    New post please . . . HINT, HINT!

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