Shingle Jingles + News of the Day

Bear with me. I am almost finished with my series on shingles, having nearly recovered. Moving anxiety is hampering a complete and total recovery, with occasional itching and back stabbing pain, and constant fatigue. At 4 in the morning I had a nightmare wherein a snake slithered up and bit my left index finger as I was typing my memoirs. A sign from God to cease and desist? In any case, in all of my spare time I came up with some riddles, of the third grade variety, to share with you:

Q: What does a Starbucks barista serve an itchy customer?

A: A shingle shot of espresso.

Q: What does auto-immune suppressed Santa Claus sing to his elves?

A: Shingle Bells!

Q: What do an unemployed lawyer and the Expat Princess have in common?

A: They can both hang out a shingle!

Ha, ha, ha ….

In my many conversations with folks on the subject of shingles I gleaned a few other facts that you should know about: 1) you can get shingles TWICE (Dr. Skin says that only happens 4% of the time but anecdotal evidence says contrary) 2) in addition to getting shingles in your eye, you can get them in your mouth and rectum. If this does not immediately propel you to the doctor, I do not know what will; no empathy here for those who say they dont’ need it. I won’t send you flowers. 3) Sheeba, she of the shingled face, reported to me that 10% of people over seventy (?) who get shingles kill themselves; I have no way to verify this information but believe it.


My seasonal single parenting is coming to an end. Mr. Understanding is on US soil, visiting his brother and wife in San Francisco, before we arrive tomorrow to celebrate his old age. Can you guess what Mr. U is getting for his birthday? We are all dying to see him! FedEx arrives today to haul off 6 suitcases (don’t ask) and Poppy is pickin’ a “Pepper” (a.k.a. Thing 1) up from camp, reminding me that love is a verb. I do not know how I got such a nice dad but I did, even if his new nickname is Grumpa. I’ll post next from the City by the Bay, transitory home of my heart.



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11 responses to “Shingle Jingles + News of the Day

  1. Mr. Understanding

    Glad to see the Expat Princess back at the computer.

    Love you.

  2. MCV

    How do I become a fan of Expat Princess on Facebook? xoxoxo

  3. Margaret

    Miss you already.

  4. China Princess

    Posting from China!!! A $5.99/month miracle! Xie Xie….XOXO

  5. flaky friend

    Hey there. Safe travels.

  6. Klab

    Safe travels, Expat!

  7. Here is another hit. We had dinner last night with Donna and Jimmy and they say they are going to invite an editor to dinner with me. We will see. Jimmy had tons of ideas about publishing.

  8. Don’t forget to drive by the Claremont.

  9. maria

    meu presente chegou ontem(sexta).Thank you darling!Can not wait to fill with spanish pictures….

  10. Hope you will have time today for another post. Hotel rooms are great places for that. I got my hopes up there for a while with you coming back. Waaah.

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