A number of associated with Jerry Rice and Joe Montana, my all-time favorite football team. The year California was flooded with fools – gold panning fortune seekers. The number of years my parents have been married, which makes me legitimate. Relief!

Foolishly, my parents married the day before my grandmother’s birthday which meant that she was present for numerous anniversaries, much to their dismay. No trips, dinners out with the entire family. Poor planning, on their part, I say. Not much of a foreward thinker, I at least consulted a calendar and its implications thirty years hence when I got married; but even I have to realize that not everyone else does this, or follows good advice. Mood Ring Momma, my own flesh and blood, got married the day before her in-laws’ thirtieth anniversary, guaranteeing she will be spending her twentieth anniversary celebrating their fiftieth on some cruise to a foreign port. She can’t say I didn’t tell her so ….

Dancing has always been part our family history. From “Taco Nights” in Humboldt County grooving to Three Dog Night, the brick fireplace of our tract house our stage, to this evening, Thing 1 dancing with her Grandbear in the living to “Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head” by B.J. Thomas, part of a “Romancing the Seventies” CD collection. She was wearing a Shanghai Hooters T-shirt, he a Lahaina Yacht Club T-shirt, a reminder of a month-long sail across the Pacific in a small yacht in 1973, the Puget Sound and the Radish, resplendent in pink lipstick, glistening happily in the background. No one can plan their back drops but this was the best.

The past week was action packed: surprise 4Oth birthday party for Mood Ring*, trip to the ER for Radish (same night), mammograms, ultrasounds of irritable organs, Costco shopping for the 4th. Not to mention the deaths of numerous pop icons and the spectacular demise of one Southern Senator. Good times! Well, not all of it, but we are all here. Where’s Mr. Understanding when I need him? Amsterdam, him.

*separate blog post forthcoming….



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4 responses to “49

  1. Mr. Understanding

    I’m always with you, EPP. Back in Madrid now.

  2. Thanks for this post. The Anniversary was great.

  3. MCV

    MCV was here. xoxoxoxoxo

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