House of Disarray

Sounds like a fancy couture designer, doesn’t it? But alas, it’s my house. A friend from bible study, Revmotha, who is moving as well, referred to her house that way and it applies equally to mine. There are piles of stuff to go to the US, piles for the garage sale tomorrow, piles of gifts in the guest room for holidays past and future, waiting to be dumped into suitcases. And it is only going to get worse.

On Monday the packers come to start packing the shipment to the US. They will be in my house for 3 – 4 days. The following week they return, after the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, to pack the goods for Madrid. Downsizing is messy. Do I really need to take all the dishes? Um, duh. The Easter dishes won’t work at Thanksgiving and vice versa.

Adding new lines of goods purchased in China to the Excel spreadsheet household inventory, I have been immersed in my own materialism. Much fodder for self-examination, the inventorying makes me feel rather dirty and nauseous at the same time: all that money gone and stacked in closets waiting for foreign men in logo’d polo shirts to pack it up. A wisely(?) previously-negotiated 40 foot container of that crap I can’t give away is going to the US. Thing 1 dislikes tchotke* and has given away nearly all of her childhood but Thing 3 and I are still arguing over a painted bulletin board from Brazil that I would like to give to Bea Long’s son’s Eagle Scout project, an English library in a migrant school. Thing 3, usually good about purging, is digging in her heels. Thing 2, characteristically, is selling most of his childhood. I nearly had a total breakdown when I saw he had put his cherished Scooby Doo in the bag of stuffed animals for the children’s heart charity, Heart2Heart Shanghai; Scooby Doo was the theme of his 7th birthday party (an idea he stole from Thing 1 and which she is still miffed about) with Missionary Girl’s son in Brazil. I know it will be just as loved, if not more, in Hubei or Anhui but it was like my little boy had put himself in that bag. Too old for Scooby.

The good news is that no previously burned birthday candles are being sent to Madrid. China, it turns out, has plenty of new ones at both the dreaded Carrefour and Party Pop in Shanghai. Madrid will have them too. The cookie sheets too big for the baby oven are going to storage and I am throwing out the pancake griddle and getting a new one in the US. I will shop patriotically but with, I am ??? (no word fits here) to say, little enthusiasm. I am shopped out and too dang tired. The siren call of Target is not stirring me just yet. This might just be the miracle my mother has been praying for.

As I inventory, inventory, inventory, I am slowly working my way through the American candy I have been hoarding from KT’s lovingly created and greatly appreciated Valentine’s and Easter care packages. Knowing I was moving, I held a few bags back from general consumption, an ace or two in the hole as it were. Chocolate miniatures and Jelly Bellys do wonders for a stiff neck and shoulders when one moves. As I was giving the shipping company representative a tour of the house, I found an Easter egg tucked in a curtain. Filled with Butterfinger eggs, I felt like Charlie getting Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. How long would that egg have sat there, balanced in the folds and going to waste, if we weren’t moving? I’ll take my love where I can find it at the moment.

*Note to self: don’t bequeath the antique snuff bottles or silver serving pieces to Thing 1.



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7 responses to “House of Disarray

  1. Raftbuddy

    You have my sympathy. Heading up to your summer state tomorrow for my youngest’s soccer tournament. It is lovely here, and I am sure when you get here the fresh air will rejuvenate your Target senses!

  2. Sarah P

    I think I have taken on your siren. Target has been calling me for over a month. John is trying to hide my AMEX card but it won’t help. I’m sure things will change when you get stateside.

  3. Raftbuddy: the Radish says the weather is divine. The first week involves speed shopping for Mr. Understanding. Target will have to wait! But a good book from B&N might do …

    SarahP: you are probably right but after yesterday’s garage sale, I am not sure. A revolution is occuring, a civil war in my brain. Chocolate chips from Costco are mandatory for my air freight shipment, however. P.S. will send you hilarious new photo of mahout!

  4. gamamãe

    FOFA!!Wish I could hang com voce again as the packers ” do their coisa”… I haven’t been to Target in months. Maybe that is why now my 5( yes that’s right!)year old asks me from time to time- mamommy- you go Target online? He cries openly when I say no to an excursion to HIS favorite place on earth…they must spray something in the store or have subliminal messages going in the soft rock music..I can’t leave there with less than a stuffed family cart!! We need to catch up. Muitas saudades of you and yours! Beijos!

  5. Flaky Friend

    It feels like you were just doing this. Last time I don’t remember any of this foolish talk about not shopping. The lipstick colors this season are divine. Are you tempted yet?

  6. Mood Ring Mama

    Love the found Easter egg in the curtains!

    Re Target – Wait ’til you get a load of my new Target sandals. The siren will be calling you once you see them (I’ve sent you a photo to you e-mail). I’m all abuzz.

  7. Susan

    My all time fun shopping experience (stateside) is shopping with you and Thing 1 at Target etc… Maybe the cocktails inbetween stores helped!! I know you will rally.

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