This past week, upon my return home from Spain to my loving Shanghainese children, has been something of a blur. There are many subjects to write about but they are going to have to wait for a day or two. At the beginning of the week we heard the news of an American friend from Brazil’s sudden death due to an aneurysm. Sue had turned 48 the day before. This news, combined with jet lag and moving stress, left me unhinged. Writing glib blog posts most certainly did not seem appropriate. Cleaning closets, running around town during Biaomei’s last week, and even partying it up with my friends on a Huangpu River party boat, I mourned for Sue’s husband Dallas and her good friends around the world. Sue, however, liked a good party and I don’t think she’d mind me enjoying one. I added a new category to the blog, one that, in retrospect seems a terrible omission: friends. “People” just doesn’t cover it.

Friends of Sue, please check out Kathy Wells’ blog post at That will do for now.



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2 responses to “Despedida

  1. Susan

    Went to Kathy’s blog. Fun to catch up on Brazil. It is amazing how 2 years can make such a difference in the turn over of people. So many people we didn’t know. As an expat one really just has to keep adapting and meeting new people. Said a prayer for Sue. So sad.

  2. warrop

    Terrible news. So sorry. Hope things calm down for you. Such exciting and good things to come!!!!

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