Mi Casa es Tu Casa – Part II

Mi Casa es Tu Casa – Part II

The deal is not inked in but we think we will have a roof over our heads in Spain come July. It was a very hard decision. Househunting, as I am sure Smartalec Angela will soon attest, is a nasty business. Combined with PMS, it’s the perfect storm of frazzled nerves, competing agendas, and very long days. Enough said. The oven isn’t big but the fridge is; the pool is pristine.

To celebrate having found an abode, I had my hair blown dry and a pedicure (my feet are a mess after all the pavement pounding) at the Incontinental, where we are splurging after a week of budget hotels. It was like having my hair done by my grandmother. A trio of ladies, experts in set-n-styles, hovered over me while I read the gossip magazine Diez Minutos, and reacquainted myself with the colorful characters, old friends of mine in Mexico via the magazine Hola!, of Spain. This is what I learned:

1) The crazy Duchess of Alba, 83 years old, has a new boyfriend … a bazillion years her junior.

2) Mel Gibson stepped out with his new, reportedly pregnant, girlfriend Oksana. I am sure all my readers are up on this but it was news to me. It pains me to say that I am relegating Mel to the Never Paying to Watch Them Again category of actors which includes Brad, Kevin, and Tom, to name just a few. However, I am hopeful that Mrs. Gibson may receive the largest Hollywood alimony payment ever. Kevin, to pay for his new family, is starring in European television commercials for Turkish Airlines which capitalize on his roguish reputation.

3) Princess Elena, married to the unfortunately beaked Jaime Marichalar, separated (!) a year ago! A royal separation! Equally … unique, I am only surprised it has taken this long.

After a trip to the consulate tomorrow, we are heading to the airport. I am looking forward to spending Mother’s Day with my children. Biaomei is the perfect babysitter and I am so thankful she has been watching over them. The ladies of the Jewel Box have been running her around all the markets so huge kudos to them.

There are many stories left to tell. This is just a smidge. Love and kisses from Madrid!



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5 responses to “Mi Casa es Tu Casa – Part II

  1. Winnie

    Glad to see you’re holding up and that and that both head and feet are being cared for. The house looks wonderful. Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Raftbuddy

    Hooray! I have suffered the curse of a small oven and until it broke, we had a few years of deep fried turkeys (which I must say are delicious). I am just so happy that you will be breathing clean air and looking at blue sky- a pool is just a bonus! Happy Mother’s Day- enjoy!

  3. gamamãe

    Feliz Dia das Mães to you! Saudades- M

  4. Maria

    Can´t wait to drink a glass of Rioja with you somewhere in Spain….
    Feliz dia das maes atrasado…..o meu dia eu passei em Nantucket in a cozy little inn.Just Perfect!

  5. Winnie: sorry it was such a lame Mother’s Day on our part. I’ll make up for it in August.

    Raftbuddy: tell us how to deep-fry a turkey. That sounds really complicated!

    Gammy: a ti tambien!

    Maria: I am sooooo jealous! The Rioja awaits….

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