Duty Free

That’s me and Sr. Understanding, duty free, spending a weekend together in Madrid before we find the right house for our family. We almost don’t know what to do with ourselves. On Friday afternoon we sat in the Plaza Mayor and drank beers, people watching and soaking up the sunshine. The sky is blessedly blue, pure blue, chock full of oxygen. Not much has changed in the past 20 years, except for the number of lower lip piercings. We also ducked into our favorite Museu de Jamon, always and forever the best bargain in town, for a bocadillo with Spain’s communist protesters. Walking to the Prado yesterday was a surreal experience. One weekend I am in Singapore, watching my son struggle to play soccer in the staggering heat, and the next I am strolling with Sr. Understanding in the city where he proposed to me. Just plain weird. I can choke out a few words in Spanish but Sr. U is already back in his groove. Vale.

N.B. best duty free shopping I’ve ever encountered is in Singapore. Fabulous airport, the best cosmetics anywhere. More on Singapore later.



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2 responses to “Duty Free

  1. Glad you are having fun. So good to be with your husband and remember why you married him. And in what a place. You must blog because those of us at home are not honeymooning and want to live vicariously through you.

    Thanks to your nanny, too.

    Have you explored hired help there?

  2. Mood Ring Momma

    Pictures please!!!

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