My little biaomei (cousin), LinFin, arrived Monday night. The first day was spent in the confines of the Jewel Box getting over jet lag; after a day’s reprieve, she has been up and running around the two Pu’s with me and the other tai tais. Today, after the first of what I think will be many trips to the US consulate, we had spicy ribs, dragon beans, and fried rice at my favorite haunt Bellagio, laughing over our mothers, who are sisters, and how they try to influence our hair styles. LinFin’s mother, Tia Susu, recently paid LinFin to cut her hair. LinFin, in her late thirties, cashed the check and emailed her mother a photo the day of the haircut. It has also been super-fun to catch up on her love life, which is long and storied. Her latest suitor, Mr. Burly, is in hot pursuit.

Sunday is LinFin’s childcare test run. Thing 2 and I are going to Singapore for a soccer tournament and Mr. Understanding, who has been gone all week, goes to Germany on Sunday. This is all a warm-up for my first trip to Spain in nearly twenty years. Andale, huerita! LinFin’s gonna be fine.



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4 responses to “Biaomei

  1. Mood Ring Momma

    Sounds like a blast – wish I was with you both.

  2. No picture? Call anytime Lynn. I am thrilled you cut your hair and I am not even your Mother. But close.

  3. Raftbuddy

    I just had a pang for dragon beans and spicy ribs…mmmmm!! Have fun in Singapore! Guess what?! Hubby has a conference next February in Barcelona. How far to Madrid??!!!

  4. expat princess


    You would have to get on a plane/train but I think we could work that one out! I’ll have it all sorted by then!

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