Our House

Our House

Q: how many people are you still friends with from when you were 18?

A: Even with the advent of Facebook, I can count on one hand.

Raftbuddy is one of those five people of mine. We met in our sorority house. I think I actually met her mother, Mrs. Duck, who was an alumnae advisor, first. I was having my doubts and Mrs. Duck convinced me to stay. She must have known that her daughter was coming to save me. This week Raftbuddy and her husband came to visit China and we reconnected as we ran around Shanghai.

10 things you should know about Raftbuddy:

1) she is religious about sending Christmas cards; she has never missed a year since she was married.
2) she could be in Mensa but isn’t.
3) she has donated her hair, which is long and voluminous, to Locks for Love on more than one occasion.
4) she cyber sleuths on her teens – AWESOME – and gave me a few tips.
5) her penmanship is beautiful.
6) she married a really nice man.
7) her kids are CUTE.
8) she is still fun to pal around with – although this was the first time I think we ever shopped together.
9) she was a cheerleader in college and student body president of the same university when she was in law school
10) Raftbuddy’s grandmother took us out for Chinese food to celebrate Raftbuddy’s 19th birthday. She still likes it hot and spicy!

Happy Birthday, Raftbuddy!

P.S. I fell off the wagon this week and so am cheating and backdating this post.



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4 responses to “Raftbuddy

  1. Mood Ring Mama

    I wanted to BE Raftbuddy when I first met her. Gorgeous AND nice.

  2. Winnie

    My question of the day is … how is it possible for you to have had Chinese food with her grandmother who was only 19??? If she knows the secret to aging in reverse, I want in on it!

  3. MRM: me too, even now! Still nice and gorgeous!!!

    Winnie: nice granma (ha ha) check! Raftbuddy was only 19, silly.

  4. Raftbuddy

    Aw shucks! Back at you, Expat. I think I have FEWER than five people I am still friends with who knew me at 19. I am counting on saying this about you when we are both 89. You are a forever friend, no matter how many miles are between us (and since we were 19, there have been many miles).

    Things about Expat that most of you probably already know:

    1. Her life seems glamorous. In some ways it is, in some ways it is very hard. You have to be a strong woman to move countries with kids the way she has. She reminds me a lot of Mrs. Duck in this way (minus the foreign locations). I am in awe of her mastery of the logistics of her life, her fortitude, and her disposition about it.

    2. Her kids are resilient, independent, and gracious (even in the teen years). She and Mr. Understanding are clearly doing parenthood well.

    3. My husband and Mr. Understanding had never met except at the wedding of Expat/Mr. U. My husband, who is as picky about his friends as I am about mine, told me how much he enjoyed Mr. U.

    3. Many things about her current location are hard (pollution, lack of grocery items, transportation logistics) and yet her home is an oasis.

    4. Although we are both long past 19, we have the same spirit that made us friends long ago. We are both wiser (thank goodness).

    5. She is an adept bargainer. This is a high compliment from someone who can’t bargain a lick, and could never in her life sell a box of cookies or candy bars for a fundraiser.

    6. She should write a book someday.

    7. She set aside time from her very busy life to hang with me for 3 days. The gift of her time is just as precious as the gift of her friendship.

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