Ode to an Elephant & his Mahout

Mahout with Lizard - YUM!

Mahout with Lizard - YUM!


Elephants are hairy,
Their skin is rather rough.
They like to eat bananas
And hoover with their trunk.

A three fingered mahout
Is really rather fun
He pops a gecko in his mouth –
Watch the mother run!

Mahouts come from Tibet,
Originally, that is,
They guide the lelephants
And ride astride their ears.

Fat tourists from around the world
Come to sit on top
But nothing is too heavy for
The lovely elephant.



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6 responses to “Ode to an Elephant & his Mahout

  1. This is a triumph. Okay, you can stop blogging now, it is all downhill from here.

  2. Does it taste like chicken?

  3. Radish: Thank you very much, but there are still a few days left in Lent. It took me longer to load the photos than it did to write the poem so maybe I just need to switch genres?

    Lisa: He did not actually eat it. He twirled it in the air by its tail and threw it on the ground, where it quickly became roadkill when the elephant stepped on it.

  4. Sarah P

    I think we had the same guide. I’ll have to verify picture. Was he missing 3 fingers on one hand?

  5. Sarah P

    Ignore the previous question. I looked at the picture, commented and then read the poem. Question answered. It is the same guy!

  6. gamamae

    ADOREI your poem! I am still with such CIUMES..LOVE the elephants!!!

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