Lenten Update

Recently, in the bible study I am taking by Priscilla Shirer, it talks about ambition. Although I am a non-income producing member of society, I am nevertheless ambitious. Ambition is one of those nasty double-edged words. Negatively, it can imply that an ambitious person will happily stomp and tromp over anyone and anything to get what they want. Positively, it can mean that a person is motivated to move ahead, has a “dream”, a “vision” for the future. In both of these senses, I am not ambitious. I am not a social climber (not thin enough for that and too opinionated to boot) and I have no great vision for myself. Which brings me to the alternative meaning and the meaning Ms. Shirer was driving at: having too many things on one’s figurative plate.

Which brings me to Lent. I was too ambitious. I am only half way through the Apocrypha. The book of Sirach, which I was dreading reading for some unknown reason, turns out to be a fave but the one before that was deadly boring. I can’t even remember the title – how bad is that? In all honesty, I do not think I am going to make it through the whole thing.

I am doing better on the bread front. I intentionally did not include pizza, rice, potatoes, etc. on the no eat list – that would have been impossible. Breakfast is generally granola, yogurt and fruit. In the face of a five star hotel breakfast buffet, this one has been the biggest challenge, a true sacrifice. I am conscious of the glorious stuff everyday. Spring rolls, however, eased the pain when sandwiches were taboo. Also noteworthy is that I have gotten off my weight plateau and have lost 3 pounds. I cheated on Saturday and had a bite, just a bite, of Mr. Understanding’s roll. The only other time I have cheated was two pieces of (toasted) bruschetta made by Wee Lass – the Lord knew I did not want to offend her!

Lastly, there is the Monday through Friday blog post a day, a discipline if ever there was one. I even blogged on vacation, which I said I wasn’t going to do, but managed. Thanks for suffering through with me. Lent ends in ten days, for those of you who are counting.

Questions of the day (they are related): are you ambitious? What would you cut out of your schedule if you could? And I am not talking about the gym or work or being a parent.



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8 responses to “Lenten Update

  1. Mood Ring Mama

    Expat – Congratulations! I think you have done an admirable job in keeping your Lenten promises, ven if not to the letter. I am very impressed, especially in regard to the bread.

    Ambition – To my chagrin, I am not 1/2 as ambitious as you. I am experiencing some ennui (sp?), however, and am wanting to learn a new skill or study something new. Then I am hampered by fear, and, realistically, time constraints. Any suggestions for new skills? Maybe I will start taking Spanish at the Community College!!!

  2. Winnie

    I am not ambitious in any sense -never have been and, presumably, never will be. I don’t think I know how and I’m far too old and unambitious to learn.

    The other part of the question is a no-brainer: CLEANING!!!!

  3. Expat:
    I am ambitious. I am competitive. It got me through some tough times, so I’m not at all apologetic But I don’t care about social climbing. I’m ambitious in the second sense – having a dream or a vision.

    I’ll offer a third definition: remaining curious about life. I think too many people long to be interesting rather than interested. There is way too much to interesting stuff to learn about to worry about being interesting. Like MRM said, she wants to learn a new skill. That’s curiosity. That’s ambition.

  4. MRM: well, you have to know that I would support your efforts at learning Spanish! You could just pick a subject that fascinates you and read everything you can on it, becoming an armchair expert. The world is your oyster, sister. I agree with Lisa.

    Winnie: you get the prize for actually answering the question! You are very good about setting your own limits and thusly, your plate always has the right amount of stuff on it.

    Lisa: did curiosity did the Catt/Kat? Nah. You have what shrinks refer to as “a rich interior life”! Let me again say how much I enjoyed your post on dreaming – that is one of the subjects that fascinates me.

  5. Flaky Friend

    I am ambitious with myself; I don’t care if I am better at something than someone else – I want to be good at it for my own sake. For example, I am a very slower runner/jogger but I love doing it and trying to get a little better. I am not sure what I could cut from my schedule at this point.

  6. radish

    First, MRM, your Dad bought the Berlitz study program today while we await Rosetta Stone knock off. Hint, hint. Send home with Raftbuddy.

    I do not know if it is coincidence or not, but I somehow get depressed in Lent. I have competed my Lenten duties and that was to read, which I wish I had not done. But if ever I have gone through a review of life, and in particular mine, this has been the Lent.

    But I wish to tell you, according to my readings, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are all alive. Christianity by conversion.

  7. Flaky: Isn’t there some organized activity you could sh*t can? Great answer!

    Radish: Lent is supposed to be a dark period. You are just waiting for the light. It will come. Thanks for the comment and for doing the heavy lifting reading for me.

  8. MCV


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