Mahout Madness

Question of the day: do you know what a mahout is, without consulting a dictionary? Today we saw one put a live lizard in his mouth.



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8 responses to “Mahout Madness

  1. 425Heidi

    A large bird (If I am right, I swear I did not look it up).

  2. 425Heidi

    So, I just looked it up. Gross!!!

  3. Flaky Friend

    No idea – sound yucky

  4. 425Heidi: Yes, yes, indeed. You should have heard the shrieks!

    Lisa: you are closer than you think!

    FF: it was YUCKY! I am praying another tourist sends me a photo of this so I can post it on the blog. My camera was too far away to really get the feel for the yuck-o factor.

  5. Sarah P

    Look on my FB page at my pictures. I have one of the guides putting the lizard in his mouth. Maybe it is the same guide.

  6. SmartAlecAngela

    Ewww, I looked it up, so nasty!

  7. SarahP: IT IS THE SAME DAMN MAHOUT!!!! We figured it had to be part of his schtick. If that other traveler ever sends me the photo I will pass on to you … how many people can say they bonded over a lizard sucking mahout?

    SmartAlecAngela: I was on another elephant and closed my eyes. Thing 3, however, was freaked out. Good thing she saw The Parent Trap.

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