Bill McNally & The Pants Police


Two years ago I wrote a post entitled: St. Paddy and the Invention Convention. It’s that time of year again and we were nearly able to combine the two events.

Last year I took Poppy to O’Malley’s in Shanghai for an Irish breakfast. This year Mr. Understanding and I took the kids back, with Bea Long and her things, for dinner. We were kitted out with care package booty supplied by Boston Bean : Celtics t-shirts and hats, shamrock necklaces, and green beer goggles. Alas, the musicians, excellent all of them, spent more time drinking Guinness than playing. The party was just getting started as we were leaving.

This morning was our final Invention Convention. Thing 3’s invention was “The Pants Police”, a little devil of an invention dedicated to her parents and her brother. To prevent sagging pants, the wearer is “suited up” (I am still chuckling at the phrase) with a device that will shock (literally) the wearer if the pants belt line slips more than a certain number of inches below the boxer line. “Sag no more!” is the tag line. Thing 3 rigged the device herself, consisting of a pack of joke Wrigley’s chewing gum, to a pair of pants with a thread, needle and rubber band. Genius, is all I can say.

Question of the Day: Do you have a favorite Irish pub/bar? Mine is McNally’s on College Avenue in Oakland, California – they make a divine Irish coffee, although admittedly not as good as Poppy’s.




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5 responses to “Bill McNally & The Pants Police

  1. Mood Ring Mama

    Love the invention, and I have a pretty good idea where the inspiration came from! BRAVO Thing 3! Is Thing 2 now required to wear said contraption to school? Great photo too.

  2. [invention sounds awesome, lol, my favourite irish pub is O’Neils in Bromley, UK, the pub itself is nothing out of the ordinary but it’s the memories connected to the place that make it special]

  3. Flaky Friend

    My favorite Irish Pub is County Cork just a few blocks from our house. They have good fish and chips and Irish Stew and nice outdoor seating in the summer.

  4. gamamae

    Crossroads..because it was at the end of the block my first two years in Boston, because they often forgot to card and because cute boys taught me how to play darts. No that is not code for anything.The Black Rose in Faneuil Hall however, did always have GREAT live music- it just involved taking transportation there.

  5. MRM: you would be correct as to the inspiration.

    Squarebrackets: thanks for the hot tip on the pub! I agree with you and thanks so much for checking in from across the pond and over the continent!

    FF: can we go there this summer? Have lots to discuss with you!!!

    Gamamae: darts! I love darts! I just remembered another pub with darts and cute boys [Mr. U] – the John Bull in Pasadena, California. Unfortunately, it was torn down.

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