90 & Counting


We are leaving China in ninety days for a new assignment.

Question: Where are we going? Hint: somewhere in Europe. Come September, the blog will be renamed Memoirs of An American Expat. I am losing my crown.



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10 responses to “90 & Counting

  1. SarahP

    Is it Espana?

  2. maria

    your photo says all…..Madrid.Olé!

  3. Mood Ring Mama

    Yeah!!! Congrats! And please, give us all a break, you will find a way to manage to keep your Ex-Pat Princess status. You aren’t fooling anyone. So happy for Mr. Understanding!!!

  4. Yes, congratulations. I KNOW where. How great!! And only a polar flight away.

    we got cut off last night so hope for you to call to finish your sentence.

  5. SmartAlecAngela

    Congratulations!! How exciting!!!!

  6. Ms Moto

    How Cool!! Back to your Latin languages!

  7. Winnie

    Are we going to get a chance to meet that guy Al Hambra??

  8. Grande! C’è una camera per gli ospiti nella vostra nuova casa? Speriamo di vedervi lì. Arrivederci

  9. Raftbuddy

    I must be a true doofus. I do not understand why you have to lose the crown. Is there some unwritten expat law about this that a non-expat does not understand, or have you just decided that you are no longer royalty? I am glad I get to see you before your next adventure, since I never saw you on your last continent!

  10. SarahP: Yes!

    Maria: Sim, senhora! Estou feliz porque eu sei voce me vai visitar.

    MRM: yes, your premios will have to go. Hope you are enjoying yourself in Cancun!

    Radish: sentence finally finished.

    Smarty: tell us about Tucson.

    Ms. Moto: Smarty will be in your neck of the woods, sort of.

    Winnie: in order to meet Al, you have to get on a plane. Are you up for that?

    P&H: ooooh, I didn’t know you ever checked in on the blog! This is a big moment for me, even if you are writing in Italian. Will try to arrange for guest room!

    Raftbuddy: you are not a doofus but my 14 year career as a princess will be ending with the return to housework. Packages (small) arriving at your house while you are touring colleges. Thanks for being my mule!

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