Imelda and Me

Imelda Marcos was vilified for having, by her count, 1,060 pairs of shoes when she left the Phillipines for a life in exile. I had 62, excluding my many pairs of Havaianas, which are stored away in a clear plastic box. Thing 2, desperate to earn enough money for an Imac laptop, lined them up in my bowling alley of an upstairs hall. There are cowboy boots from Argentina, shoes for spinning, samba shoes, and many jeweled pairs of flat sandals, sandals which languish in Shanghai, patiently awaiting more tropical climes and times.

Princess Ai Lin and Bea Long, between the two of them, nixed 22 pairs. I am going to ditch a few others before I leave Shanghai which will bring my count down. I retrieved the Croc flip flops from this pile (better support than Havaianas). They also made me choose between a white pair of Corello high heeled sandals and an almost identical cream colored pair. This was tough. Both pairs were in good shape and, to my mind, there is a big difference between white and cream. So I tried them both on to see which were more comfortable.

The cream colored shoes, it turns out, were not my size. So, if any of you Cinderellas left a pair of cream colored shoes at my house in Brazil, I have them. My money is on Oklahoma Kristy.

Question of the day: what is your favorite pair of shoes?



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13 responses to “Imelda and Me

  1. Oh, Expat – white? Really? Cream is so much more versitile! I think my shoe count is only at 23. I thought THAT was too much. Very glad someone has outdone me.

  2. SarahP

    Oh, you just made me homesick for Brazilian shoes. How I miss them. I have bought 2 pairs of shoes here in the Philippines. Ironically, one pair was made in Brazil.

  3. maria

    Fernando also calls me Imelda….I have probably 80 pairs or more.I love them but in my daily life I wear just a few white ones(4-5).My favourite is the one I bought in Adriana Barra in Sao Paulo.Remember?

  4. MCV

    where’s the question? how many shoes do we have? I’ll take a look but I’m guessing I’m around 20.

  5. SmartAlecAngela

    Shoes!! One of my favorite things! What size are the cream ones?

  6. Mood Ring Momma

    I used to have quite a shoe collection, but ever since my numerous foot problems, it has dwindled and become far less fun. MCV has the best fun shoe collection of my friends – lots of uber cool heels. Wish I could wear those still.

  7. Winnie

    Do you have anything in a size 12 (right foot still swollen) and a size 9 left foot that is flat, wide, and not jewel encrusted? I’d be willing to trade you my elegant well-worn black foam with velcro trimming
    knee-high rehab boot.

  8. Lisa: you probably are more vicious about throwing away 10 year old pairs of shoes.

    SarahP: oh, the irony! I almost cried when I saw them all lined up. Each pair has a life!

    Maria: you are right about those shoes. I am only sorry there was not a pair that fit me.

    MCV: you are right, will amend post. Oh, and I do have 2 left black sequined mules so I hope you have not thrown out the 2 rights. I did not include these in the count as they were not a full pair. I threw out my cha-chas b/c they were ankle breakers and the strap was broken.

    MRM: I have a nice pair of expensive clogs for you. I feel your pain – few heels in my collection.

    SmartAlec: size 6, too small for you, although you would be the kind to leave my house without your shoes …

    Winnie: What’s wrong with jewels? I got rid of the plastic boot long ago. FYI: China is not the best place to buy shoes for large footed people. I have bought only one pair here!

  9. gamamae

    What are cha-chas? I so miss corello sandalias. Muito comfy!

  10. Kristy

    I hope it wasn’t too much money. I am one of those mullers you blogged about, and therefore remember (despite my age) every pair of shoes I have purchased in the last 10 years.

  11. Shoes are not a thing with me. In fact, I am so low on shoes that it is embarrassing. But it helps that I no longer wear high heels. For me comfort is the only thing. Comfort and stability.

  12. I wish I could even have a 100 pair of shoes…

    Right now I am on collecting dresses and bags. But shoes should come in queue, yeah? 🙂

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