Bearing Up


It would be easier, wouldn’t it, if God just gave each of us a little face time here on earth? If He came down to each of us and gave us a little map of our lives and told us just to follow it. Would we, though? The Bible is supposed to be our road map. But even if we read it, can we follow it, can we know with certainty that the path we are on is going the right direction? Are we paying attention, discerning God’s voice in daily life, or are we just careening about like balls in a pinball machine?

Well, today God spoke to me, via the Purpose Driven Life daily devotional. Sometimes I wait until the end of the day to read these, many of which come in late in the day due to the time difference; sometimes I want a bit of peace and don’t want to mix the secular with the sacred internet emails, some days I am just not in the mood, truth be told. It’s much more fun to check my blog comments than check in on the Lord. But today I checked it first. Go to www. to read the whole devotional if you are interested and click on the archives for March 3, 2009. This is the part that spoke to me:

“God deliberately shaped and formed you to serve him in a way that makes your ministry unique. He carefully mixed the DNA recipe that created you. David praised God for this incredible personal attention to detail God gave in designing each of us: “You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous” (Psalm 139:13-14 NLT).”

So do I think it coincidence Teddy Bear was officially diagnosed with brittle bone disease the same day? No. It was the right message at the perfect time for me and his mother, a powerful reminder of what we already knew but need to have repeated. The photo is of Teddy Bear, last summer. He got a walking boot today – no cast for him this time, a cause of joy for the parent of a potty training child.

Thank you, Rick Warren. I was paying attention in the class of life today.


Question of the day: can you name all of your elementary school teachers?

Mine are, in order: Nancy Davis (K), Sally Tomlinson, Barbara Patterson, Dorothy Osborne, Betty Hosterman, Gary Tonini, and Joe Paita. I liked most of them.



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10 responses to “Bearing Up

  1. Raftbuddy

    I went to six different grade schools and am pleased I can remember the names of the schools. With 11 elementary teachers, the only ones I can come up with are Mrs. Rogers, Miss Calvert, Mrs. Dempsey, Mrs. Wells, Mr. Cherry, and Mrs. Applegate. Those tend to be the ones I had the longest! Mr. Cherry was the best.

  2. Flaky Friend

    I love your Rick Warren quotes; it really helps explain a lot. My teachers were Mrs. Farmer (I think), Mrs. Parlee, Mrs. Kimbal, Mrs. Beldon, Mrs. Mole and Mrs. Spanny. Love to your sister and her family – they are in my prayers.

  3. Klab

    LOVE-ly post. & good reminder. The complexity isn’t always appreciated by me… but should be. And isn’t Our Teddy a gift?

  4. MCV

    Teddy is most certainly a gift!

    My teachers: Mrs. Rose, Mrs. Starkey, Mrs. McGinnis, Mrs. Coleman, Mrs. Hinkley, Mrs. Connor, Mrs. Wild, Mrs. Johnson, Mr. McGwire.

    Mrs. McGinnis (she played the harpsichord) and Mrs. Connor were my personal favorites.

    I could probably only tell you the names of 25% of my highschool teachers . . .

  5. Raftbuddy: were Mr. Cherry and Mrs. Applegate friends? I forget about your transient childhood …

    Flaky Friend: Mrs. Mole? Did she read you a lot of Beatrix Potter? It is hard to imagine that the words of the psalms were written so long ago (ok, they did not use the word DNA) and are very pertinent today. I know you know about bearing up – you do a fantastic job of it yourself.

    Klab: You are so right! I sort of bungled my thoughts in the beginning – this posting every day is a challenge. But you know what I mean.

    MCV: how is your gift doing today? You might have to officially change your blog name to your Chinglish barista name … or you could be X-ray!

  6. 425Heidi

    Wonderful post. I love moments like that when you realize that God is with you every step of the way. He wanted you to read that and share it with your sister. It is so hard in times like these to see God’s plan. But, I have a feeling that Teddy is and will be an inspiration to us all. He will touch more lives than anyone can imagine…just wait and see.

    I can’t belive you can remember the first and last names of your teachers. I can only remember Mr. Koehler (future Superintendent), Mrs. Woolfolk, Mrs. Hill, Mr. Hughes, and Mrs. Orr. My favorite teachers were men which is why I think it is unfortunate there is a shortage of male teachers.

  7. MCV

    I had only one male teacher and he was sort of a putz. But I do lament the fact that there aren’t more male teachers.

  8. Sarah P

    Let’s see. Miss Cox, Mrs. Seeley, Miss Huff, Mrs. Gass, and Mr. Eyler. I can’t remember my fifth grade teacher’s last name but remember her first name was Elizabeth. I hated Miss Cox and Mrs. Seeley (1st and 2nd Grade) b/c they made everyone cry.

  9. Winnie

    Nope, but some of them might have cause to remember me.

  10. Not one. But I can find restarants in St. Augustine.

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