Bug Off


Oh, don’t ask … it was all I could do to look at them behind the lens while I took the photo.

Today the princess has a tummy bug of obscure origin, probably not related to food. Even bread does not appeal. My ayi brought me a hot water bottle and tucked me in bed, how sweet is that?

Please pray for little Teddy, my nephew, who broke another bone today, and his parents, who are bearing up with grace. If MCV lets me, I will post a photo of him from this summer, also in a cast.

Question of the day: have you ever broken a bone besides a finger or toe?



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9 responses to “Bug Off

  1. maria

    I had some bones broken in a car crash in 1983.Fernando says to all friends that I asked,in my way to the hospital in an ambulance,if he would marry me if a had to live with a wheel chair.Of course I don´t remember this ,but maybe these bones gave me a partner for life.

  2. 425Heidi

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Everyone around here is sick with colds or the flu. Yuck!
    I broke my arm and wrist while sleepwalking in college. Jumped off the top of a bunk bed.

  3. warrop

    Have I broken a bone…..no, someone broke my nose for me. A mean, mean lacrosse player from Middlebury did it.

  4. Raftbuddy

    Are those things edible? Squid? Worms? No broken bones for me, but herniated two disks in my back. Felt like it was broken!!

  5. Mood Ring Mama

    I’m too big of a wimp to ever have broken a bone. I do, however, have a slab of my hip bone in my left foot – I guess they broke it to get it out, right?

    Warrop – Did the lacrosse player who broke your nose make an appearance on The Batchelor? (just kidding!)

    425Heidi – Did not know that, but do know it runs in your family. You guys might consider a ranch-style house your next go round. (Which, by the way, I hope is never!)

  6. Maria: your Fernando is such a keeper, too! When you were in that hospital bed did you imagine you would ever samba in Carnaval?

    425Heidi: great story! Is sleepwalking code for “drunk”???

    Warrop: it’ was a great bump although I know your subsequent nose job was even less fun …

    Raftbuddy: I wouldn’t know but I do believe they were on sale for just that purpose: snacking. Two herniated disks counts.

    MRM: You are not a wimp! We’ll let you pass on a technicality.

  7. 425Heidi

    That is what my fraternity friends that worked security that night thought. But, no, I was not 21 yet, therefore I did not drink. Seriously. My sleepwalking is stress induced.

  8. Mr. Understanding

    Look like lizards to me. I’ve seen worse in Zhuhai!

  9. Winnie

    broken wrist when I was eight, broken ankle skiing at college freshman year, and lastly foot this year just by being inattentive and clumsy.

    Warrop – Did you forget about the horse who kneed you in the nose? I think he suffered a broken knee.

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