Way Down Yonder in the Pom Pom Patch


Some people make pom poms for a living. These pom poms adorn hats in the Beijing Opera. There is an art to pom pom making, involving a lot of twisting of wires and trimming with small scissors. The colors are garish, possibly toxic, the better to be seen from afar. I do not want to be a pom pom maker.

Lent, Day 2: I am very hungry. Bread is filling. Have yet to start the book of Judith but am headed off to bed.

Question of the Day: do you know your blood type? If so, what is it? Everyone should, especially “global citizens” – foreign hospitals can be nasty. Take it from me.



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14 responses to “Way Down Yonder in the Pom Pom Patch

  1. gamamae

    Speaking of Global Citizens…have you heard or read the book- third culture kids?

  2. MCV

    My blood type is the same as Poppy’s . . . that’s all I know. I’ve been told a million times but always forget . . . huh. Perhaps for Lent I will try to remember.

  3. Mood Ring Momma

    I don’t know my blood type either. I LOVE bread – my favorite vice. The reason it is a huge vice for me is that it doesn’t fill me – it just makes me hungrier for more.
    P.S. – We had a 2 hour snow delay today. Can you believe???

  4. 425Heidi

    0+. I am a good friend to have because I am a universal donor. The hospital gave me a card with my blood type to carry around with me at all times when I had Skyler. I think everyone should have one. Princess, what is yours? Also, be thankful you do not have a case full of Girl Scout Cookies in your house. They are much harder to stay away from than bread!

  5. maria

    o+.But today nobody should use cards anymore,any lab or hospital must do a quick test before any procedure…Much more safe this way…

  6. A+, A-, B+, B-, O+, O-, ABO+, ABO-,PLASMAPLUS, PLASMANEG.

  7. Drac: you are such a card! Do you have a preference?

    Maria: thanks for the tip! Are you saying we really don’t need to know? I still think it’s a good idea.

    425Heidi: 0+, same as MRM’s and the Radish’s!

    MCV: I think you are an A+.

    Gammy: you are the second person in as many days to ask that question. Yes, but I have not read it. There are many books on my nightstand.

  8. maria

    No ,princess.Let´s say you had a card from somebody else with you and can´t explain it in an accident.That hapened before in wars;so today cards is not the best way to deal with blood procedures…

  9. Maria: I don’t have a card but I know my blood type. Are you saying we really don’t need to know our blood type?

  10. Mood Ring Mama

    Expat – You know my blood type, and I don’t??? How is this possible?

  11. MRM: I know everything (Radish told me once – she’s 0 plus too).

  12. gamamae

    I got the title from a friend form HS in Rio , who actually graduated from the HS at the International School Hong Kong( yes, reconnected on FB!). She just read it and highly recommends it. Said, she wished she had had this when she was going off to college. If you google you will see there is a website..May be a source of support for your Things as they enter a transition phase?

  13. maria

    No,It´s good you know your blood type but you don´t need a card.Anyway all labs or hospitals has to check it before any procedure for safety reasons.We can get anemic after all this talking.Vamos falar da Espanha…..Madrid;Barcelona;Zaragoza;Sevilha???Where is your next nest?

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