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How much am I loved? Well, I could judge it by whether or not my family comments on my blog, such as the three family members featured in my last post. (Yes, that’s a dig, Mr. Understanding). Or my friends. Most of my closest friends in the world do not either know of this blog’s existence, have forgotten about it, or quite frankly, choose not to read it (I know who to leave out of the acknowledgements if I ever publish a book). If my friends do read it, most do not comment. So, all of these indicators would, well, indicate that I am not loved.

But I know I am. Or at least that is what my blog stats tell me even if my audience doesn’t feed my ego on a daily basis. Blog stats tell me what is happening on my blog readershipwise. To be a stellar blogger, the pundits say one has to post at least three times a week. That won’t work for me so I suffer the consequences, as last week’s stats clearly point out, my numbers dropping the farther away I get from a new post. Holidays are also the death-knell to blog stats … where, oh where, is the love? And so shortly after Valentine’s Day? The long weekend got in the way.

My best day ever came recently: January 13, with 214 hits. It was an all-time high beating out my last best ever day which occurred in September of 2007. These best days do not seem to correlate with anything happening in my world or the universe at large. I (shame-facedly) admit to checking these little buggers regularly. How much am I loved? A lot but not as much as other bloggers … like, or Not to mention all those pesky political and/or celebrity blogs and Facebook. There is a lot happening on the internet competing for readers’ time.

Ironically, most of my top posts have nothing to do with being an expat or a princess. Instead they highlight semi-self-destructive endeavors:

Sao Paulo Ink (tattoos)
Anticipation and Absinthe (illegal alcohol)
Popcorn (fiber?)
Beer Cozies and Other Parting Favors (BEER)
Vagner & I Part Ways, Sort Of (hairdressers of the hunky kind)
Jim Caviezel & the American Idol Finale (Hollywood)
Daslu (shopping – see Recession)
About (size of ego)

Cross-referencing these topics via the “top search” provides insight into the popularity of the posts. The top searches recently are “Carly Simon”, “popcorn”, “Carnaval” (understandable given that it is occurring right now), James Patrick Caviezel, and “Brazilian samba group”. However, people are not clicking on Anticipation & Absinthe for a glimpse of the “green fairy”. They just want to know about Carly. Beer cozies, likewise, are a popular party favor for weddings, fiftieth birthdays, and corporate BBQs. Searchers want to know where to get them. I don’t really know who is researching “popcorn” but I suspect it’s latchkey kids who just want to pop a batch the old-fashioned way. Ditto the reference to Vagner – kids searching for the composer wind up reading about my former hairdresser in Brazil.

In the mother of all bad segues, Mr. Understanding has been offered a new job in Expat Mecca: Europe. Naturally, he accepted it. How loved am I? Finally! Living in a First World country!!!! The contract’s not signed, however, so don’t go inking in “Visit Expat Princess for European Summer Tour 2010” in your social calendars just yet. If you can imagine, I haven’t even composed my Leaving China shopping list, my head’s still reeling. Now let’s see what that news does to my stats! I can already feel the love.



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18 responses to “Blog Stats

  1. Kristy

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear more about this new assignment in Europe, like when and where. I hope everything falls into place for you guys.
    By the way, you ARE loved by me. I am a loyal reader of your blog, who just prefers to keep her lack of writing talent off the world wide web!

  2. This is a sly,but dopey way of saying you are going to Spain, when you are beyond ecstatic. And sorry, I am in the planning stages of visiting. And yes you should give up the blog. Writing the blog should be its own reward. Everything about China has already been told, you will be busy making lists for your maid, and you should be gathering strength to return to driving and dishwashing. And even though you are providing a house for my vacation, still I do not love you.

  3. 425Heidi

    Congratulations to you and Mr. Understanding! Way to go! I hear it is a huge promotion. Hmmm, my family may need to take a European trip next year…

  4. Hello! I saw the nice mention of my blog, The Happiness Project, here. I so much appreciate those you shining a spotlight on my blog. Congratulations on the potential European move! Best wishes, Gretchen Rubin

  5. Expat:

    I could write a whole post on blog statistics but I won’t because you already wrote it for me! By the way, my stats aren’t quite as high as you think they are!! I’m convinced that you and my parents are the only ones who read my blog. I try not to pay attention to the stats, telling myself that the stats have nothing to do with why I have a blog – because I love writing. It is hard not to be disappointed, however, when one post generates a lot of comments and another doesn’t. In my case, the things I work the hardest on don’t generate hardly any comments. The posts that take me five minutes to write generate the most. Go figure. I feel your pain and your love, sister!!!!

  6. SarahP

    Congratulations! The first 1st World Country in how many years? Too many to mention I guess. I don’t know how I figure in to your stats but I do give out your blog address to my friends in the Philippines. They say they enjoy it but I’ve never seen a comment. Maybe it’s b/c they don’t know you personally. BTW, I have a friend who needs to decide between moving to Shanghai or Bejing. Any insight?

  7. Mood Ring Momma

    I really should have commented on your last post in regard to the two letters you received from yours truly and that other chick you call a sister. Having you read those two letters back to back, while on a 3-way conference call half way around the world, was a top 5 all-time laugh fest. Of course it only reinforced what a snotty teenager I was, and parts of it were down right mortifying, but I was sooo glad you kept those letters.

    And, yes, I love you even more now that you are moving to Spain. Please don’t stop blogging – I will love the stories of the preparation for the next big chapter in your family’s life.

  8. Flaky Friend


    My Mr. Understanding works for a Spanish company requiring him to travel there every so often. HMMMMMMMMMM. Congratulations. I also check your blog every few days to see what is up. You are very loved.

  9. What yesterday’s post did not do for my blog stats it did for the comments …

    In order of appearance:

    Kristy: ah HAH! I flushed you out! Now that you are out of the blog closet you can comment more!

    Radish: You are so mean! No paella for you! And I do know you love me. You are getting a blog a day for Lent …

    425Heidi: I don’t know if I would consider it a promotion … the Euro still has purchasing power. In a recession, are there any promotions? But I am looking forward to melamine-free milk.

    Gretchen: WOW! Thanks for chiming in. Contrary to what my mother says, the blog is my own happiness project. I have a feeling that your book will be a runaway best seller as Americans, in particular, grapple with self-fulfillment minus moolah. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!

    Lisa: I really did not do the topic justice. It was a blurb when it could have been a New Yorker article. More to follow? Some of the searches in and of themselves could be essays …

    SarahP: I think the Chinese Firewall ate my email to you about your address. Send it, please. You can give your friend my home email so she can write me with questions. I do have a few thoughts on the subject! And you are so kind to pass around my blog to other expat princesses!

    MRM: just think of the gems to come as I unearth more letters …. snotty doesn’t even begin to cover it! HA!!!! Unfortunately, I kept enough of my own written material to prove what a hideous teenager I was too. Thanks for being a fab sister!!!!

    Flakorama: I still love you too and am trying to figure out how to fit Portland into my West Coast Thing 1 pre-College Tour. I have some ideas and will email you shortly. Our Nordstrom cosmetic counter outing may have to be downgraded to a Walgreens, although I think we would end up spending just as much money:).

  10. SmartAlecAngela

    You are definitely loved my dear!!! Sorry, but I am already planning my European vacation! I always read your blog, but usually don’t comment since I am not a particularly witty or interesting commenter. BTW, the hubby just got a big promo too and we are planning on moving AGAIN this summer! Much closer this time though (and hotter)….Tucson.

  11. Winnie

    I love you and you know it. If you’re ever in doubt you can tell by the fact that I actually, now and then, shaking and quaking, offer a comment for all and sundry to see. (Doesn’t come easy to your basic non-communicator.) So there.

  12. MCV

    No comment. There, did that bring up your stats?

  13. gamamae

    Oh Princesa..I take the kids to CA for Feb. Vacay and miss all the fun in blog land! LOVE YOU and got the card today- obrigada!! When will we get detalhes on the European vacation I need to start planning???

  14. maria

    Que felicidade amiga…..Spain é tudo de bom!!!
    I love more and more.Wait to see when you move to Paris….
    Parabens to Mr.U..

  15. maria

    Fernando and I opened a bottle of Rioja wine and had Tetita cheese(you will understand why it has this name when you see)to celebrate you are getting closer…

  16. Thing 1

    I love you.

  17. Raftbuddy

    Catching up on the blog. Woohoo about Europe! Can’t wait to hear about it, and can’t wait to see you, now about a month away! Don’t move before I get there! I am getting shots today. Sigh…..

  18. JoJo

    Hi Darling!!

    Heard about your move to Europe! How excited are we?? We’ll be neighbors. I love reading your blog, but must admit, after starting back as a “career woman”, I don’t get to it as often as I would like! I would love to visit China, and it sounds like it would be soooo much fun to do it while you are still there… How much time do I have to make that happen? Is it too late?? Miss you all. Kisses, beijos, bisous, et besos!! Jody

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