New Jewel in the Box & Other Musings

Christmas is taken down and my house feels lonely, boring, without it. There is nothing like a Christmas tree to bring joy to a room.

My mother wrote an excellent post ( on Christmas cards. The one stamped Christmas card I received I am going to frame for my collection since it is unique and I feel somewhat responsible for encouraging the card maker, Virginia, to delve into the art of stamping. (As a side note, I cannot honestly believe that I handmade my Valentine cards when I had toddlers. WHAT WAS I THINKING???). All of my photo cards are now on a bulletin board, a trick I learned from Rose City Princess’ mother, in my office so I can see my friends and family every day. I could look at them on Facebook but I cannot Facebook and blog consistently, or not, at the same time. I choose blogging.

Princess Ai Lin moved into my neighborhood, the Jewel Box, yesterday and we celebrated with dinner at my house. This is going to be fun.

Half of my garage is in my living room. When we moved last year during Chinese New Year, during the snow storm, the movers, understandably, just threw boxes onto shelves in the garage. I did not know where half of my decorations were during Christmas so we emptied the garage storage shelves and began reorganizing, pitching and labeling. Which brings me to the 2009 closet colonic: What to do with the collection of rubber stamps and card making paraphernalia? How about the Easter card to “granddaughter” without a year and name noted??? Those beads from my Brazilian beading bonanza?

I have one resolution this year: to start and finish Thing 3’s needlepoint stocking. I am just not that ambitious.

I completed my resolution for 2007 and finished reading the Bible – before the end of 2008. To quote the Chinese, “the ox is slow, but the earth is patient.”

Speaking of plowing, we are gearing up for Chinese New Year, the Year of the Ox, and all hell has broken loose at the supermarket with people buying dried offal and whatnot. I am not going back until February and that is a promise.

What to do in 2009? I am still pondering this issue two weeks into the year. Time, and the use of it, is a big issue. It is a limited commodity. Do I continue with my on-line essay classes? Start learning Mandarin, finally? What about Bible study classes to offset the lack of religion in my life? Do I emulate my friend Lisa (click here: and write about scary or politically incorrect things, such as confessing that I voted for John McCain, risking friendships and other relationships globally, or do I keep my mouth shut? I still owe Clarence Thomas an Open Letter of Apology, after all.

The answer is: not if I am moving in June.

But am I?

Stay tuned.



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16 responses to “New Jewel in the Box & Other Musings

  1. Virginia

    Yes, you and Missionary Girl got me started on the love of stamping. I even have my own special “hairdryer” (used for embossing only). As far as the mass production of Christmas cards, it is quite an ordeal. I started early enough, but I fell behind. But, with encouragement from my husband, “how many are done yet?”, I re-started with a passion. After mailing them, I heard from my sister, she loved the card but her card was separated from the paper. Oops… my sister says, maybe I shouldn’t have told you about that part. I started to worry. I wondered out loud “Did everyone else’s fall apart?” No, says my sister, my street just had unusually high humidity that day. 🙂 I hope your card didn’t fall apart but if it did don’t tell me. This year’s card will involve eyelets for guaranteed stickability. Keep writing I enjoy reading.

  2. Mei

    McCain? Noooo… I’m staying subscribed, though. 😉

  3. Flaky Friend

    This all sounds very mysterious – what’s up? I am very curious – what did you do to Clarence Thomas?

  4. gamamae

    Princesa… I will always read your blog! I bought a magnet that I think is appropriate:
    Friendship is when people know all about you but like you anyway.
    Will you be sending a coke can with your letter to Clarence?
    Beijos & yes we did!

  5. maria

    Can I visit China before June???Stay tuned….

  6. Virginia: the card was intact! It is stowed safely away until I can get to the framers. Mass production is truly an ordeal – you have my empathy.

    Mei: I don’t know you but I like you! Thanks for commenting – we like fresh blood!

    FF: nothing is up yet. I just like to be prepared! And you will just have to keep reading until I write about Clarence. Ah, if only we had met our husbands on the steps of the Supreme Court on our way to the hearings during our umemployment phase …

    Gammy: love the magnet. It will be the thought that counts with Clarence.

    Maria: com certeza!!!!

  7. Flaky Friend

    You are so funny. They actually met before the hearings got bad in line at the Senate. After that it was all over for my room mate. I’ll stay tuned. I think we got the better deal regardless of where we met our husbands.

  8. Expat:

    MRM said she read a really good book about Clarence Thomas. I’m already reading another borrrowed book of hers so I’ll have to put Clarence on my list. I saw a bumper sticker today you’d like. It said, “Republicans – Working Hard So You Don’t Have To.”

    Love the post!

  9. Clarence Thomas had a very difficult beginning to overcome. My husband read some of the beginning to me and it is tough. I have heard that he is a very charitable man.

  10. winnie

    EP – What about the wedgy????

  11. FF: you KNOW we got the better deal!

    Lisa: thanks for your inspiration! Love the bumper sticker. The book is the same. The actual post is a long way off because I need to do more research. However, I am going to have a pop quiz here in a bit on the subject.

    Radish: what I find interesting is that my father, likewise, had a very difficult beginning, although not that bad and for different reasons. Bad beginnings can make good middle and endings for strong people who’ve benefitted from good guidance and a lack of self-pity.

  12. MCV

    Expat: please tell us about the wedgie!

  13. SarahP

    Moving so soon? You would only be there for 2 years? Wow, that seems quick but that was as long as we were in Brazil. Keep us updated!

  14. Klab

    SUCH a cliffhanger!!…

    And just a note on facebook. I think of it as the non-blogger’s blog — to which I’m obsessed, no thanks to Princess Ai-Lin. It’s a mini-blog outlet for all of us without the real-life-blogger-gumption. Expat, K.U.T.B!! (keep up the blog).

    Thank you.

  15. Raftbuddy

    You are becoming quite the expert blogger, leaving all sorts of tantalizing tidbits dangling out there to keep us coming back! Clarence Thomas?! Wedgies? Moving? Where else can you read about all three of these things in the same place? My husband voted for (and gave money to John McCain) but I still love him in spite of his Republican fervor, and I love you, too! Me? I will be watching the inauguration on Tuesday and crying out of joy because it will be quite a moment. Hubby will cry over his taxes…. but I know he will appreciate the historic importance.

  16. MCV: I wrote about the wedgie on the previous post.

    Sarah P: no news is good news. All expats consider themselves short timers in today’s economy!

    Klab: interesting perspective on FB. Should I friend your husband?

    Raftbuddy: I like to keep people coming back for more. My Clarence Thomas post is not ready for publication. I decided I need to do more research. Vis a vis your husband and his taxes: don’t put April 15 on your calendar and tell the IRS, when it catches up to him, that it was an “honest mistake”. Defense lawyers nationwide are going to love it since they will be able to cite precedence:).

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