A Mere Slip of a Girl and Her Stool Sample

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Half of the fun of blogging for me is making up the titles. I had been meaning to write about the Wedgy my MIL, Winnie, gave me for Christmas. But then she slipped and fell off a stool putting away china in the Christmas aftermath, a more interesting subject. We are grateful she did not bonk her head on the kitchen island or impale herself on the hanging pot hooks dangling over said island. Her foot did necessitate a screw, however, and she will not be bearing any weight for the next few weeks. If I were a blogger with more time, I would give you the statistics on the number of accidents that happen at home – my mother has broken her foot walking in her living room as have I. So, we wish a speedy recovery to That Rogers Girl, Winnie, and hope that her iPod is well stocked. On the bright side, now she can finish that knitting project …



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6 responses to “A Mere Slip of a Girl and Her Stool Sample

  1. Mood Ring Mama

    Poor Winnie! I hope you have some good books and even better pain killers. Take this opportunity to be waited on, and get well soon.

  2. gamamae

    Sorry for your Winnie, but getting back to that wedgy…

  3. Winnie

    So glad I could provide an amusing title. However, “slip” meaning “small, and “girl” meaning “young” no longer reflect the reality. I am going to refrain from commenting on the “stool sample” except to say that the offending object and perpetrator of my mid-air adventure is destined for the dust bin. (And good riddance!!)

    Now, getting back to that wedgy… “wedgy”in my limited vocab signifies either a solid-heeled shoe or an underwear malfunction. I do not recall having sent either in the Christmas package. Please enlighten.

    Also I’ve heard that knitting (or at least the storage requirements) can be hazardous to the lower extremities Ask your mother.

  4. Winnie: I am replying the wedgy here since several other readers want to know about it as well. No, it is not an underwear malfunction, shoe, or even a golf club. A Wedgy is a small, compact umbrella. Thank you very much! It is perfect for my purse and/or future travels. I have already used it!

    I will ask about the knitting injury when we next speak. You might also want to ask her about the hazards of taco making … she’ll be in the Sunshine State before long.

  5. P.S. I could have said “stool example” but it wouldn’t have sounded as good.

  6. winnie

    Whew!!! Mystery solved. Except for what kind of person would dub an umbrella “wedgy”? (It’s fortunate I was not ever involved in advertising). I’m glad you like it and that it is actually useful but mostly I am glad that I don’t have to explain anything further to anyone.

    As for the knitting culpability – I believe it was a knitting basket on the floor that caused a limb to be hurt. Haven’t heard about dangerous tacos though. I’ll ask.

    Sample or example … I don’t care – it’s still in the trash!

    Viva Florida!!

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