Get In My Belly

No, I am not becoming Buddhist. I just love Austin Powers movies. This is an image of the Chinese Laughing Buddha at the Lingying Temple in Hangzhou on New Year’s Day. Notice Buddha’s long ear lobes. All Buddhas have them, a little factoid of which I was previously unaware. I forget why they have them but I can tell you that their hair, if they have any, should be blue because they touch the sky.

The next photo is Chinese New Year fare. Can you identify the swinging food?

The last photo is a sign in the temple gift shop. Remember to stow your guns and cameras, tourists!



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7 responses to “Get In My Belly

  1. Mood Ring Mama

    Thanks for the Buddha lesson; very interesting. Yeah, Bay-beee!!

  2. MCV

    Liked it too. This just goes to show you that not all posts have to be lengthy and edited to the nth degree! Keep it up.

  3. gamamae

    What a beautiful carving of buddha, and I am considering learning more and practicing buddhism BTW!
    Love the hair info! Nice imagery.
    Swinging chicken and fish? Oh Behave!

  4. Gammy and Girls:
    We also visited a hall with 500 Bronze Buddhas, the largest exhibit in the world of such things. Thing 1 and I made up a song to “100 Bottles of Beer” in homage: “500 Bronze Buddhas in the hall … ” You can take it from there. Who knew there were so many kinds of buddhas? Me, personally, I’m a one God kind of gal. But like Gamamae, more study is in order. For example, why the fat belly? No explanation was given by our tour guide. I am guessing too much fried rice.

  5. gamamae

    It might be a sign of prosperity?
    That’s what my dad used to say about his buddha belly.

  6. I think the Buddha looks like Lowell. The smile and the belly.

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