Post Script

9u2vq2caec4hkgca3l86nlcalxkps9caymhlf4caze9y01ca323r83casswpu9callfk6mcar9gz5lcae13f1nca4cdm5jcaaxs1ctcazoyk1kcabmp5ybcacl3jt9cap27wadca9q820gca6zx98pPoppy’s birthday lunch was postponed this year due to the impending snow storm. It was snowing the day he was born and seventy years later, the fluffy stuff was coming down, stymieing merrymakers, holiday bargain hunters, and photo ops with Santa all over Seattle. Let’s hope it clears up in time for Christmas. In China, however, it has been clear as a bell for the last week – perhaps because factories are shutting down?

Thing 3 and I attended the piano recital of her 10 year old friends on the evening of the 17th at the Jewel Box’s clubhouse. Later in the performance, my grandmother’s favorite Irish tune, “Danny Boy”, was played on the piano by the Chinese instructor. Her Vietnamese boyfriend accompanied on a crazy ass bamboo xylophone that looked like a ship. Very surreal, this musical event, but my eyes teared up themselves at the little god wink from above, a message that love was in the air, even in China. Christmas will soon be here.

Mr. Understanding and I are off on a holiday shopping adventure this afternoon with a late afternoon hamburger stop on The Bund to see the lights. Thing 3 has only one item on her Christmas wish list for Santa: a tandem bicycle. That would be a hard one for Santa to ignore since it scores huge points for creativity. When asked with whom she was going to ride the contraption she replied “Daddy”. Right answer, my girl, right answer.

Happy Birthday on the 21st to Random Tom! We hope you too are hunkered down somewhere with a hot toddy and a good book. Spend all your birthday money on yourself this year!!!


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  1. Expat:
    I LOVE that Thing 3 wants a tandem bicycle. You have exception children (but you knew that, right???)

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