Gobbledy Gook

I have been in a funk. Not a huge one, but one large enough to prevent me from blogging. I know that I should be blogging about something cheery but I can’t quite crank that out yet. I also have been thinking a lot about whether or not to continue this blog. What purpose does this blog serve? Entertainment for my family and a select few of my friends? If I end it, I am going out with a bang with such heady topics as Note of Apology to Clarence Thomas and an Open Letter to Barak Obama Regarding The Use of Hyphens.

After recovering from the flu, I started back to my exercise regime last week with a personal trainer, Sammy. Sammy kicks my behind. I have had 6 sessions with Sammy and after each one, I am in bed by 8 p.m., usually asleep by 8:45. My children run amok during this time. If the homework is not done early enough, forget about parental help. It has not helped the blogging either. My brain is busy directing my muscle recovery.

Thanksgiving was celebrated last Saturday because Mr. Understanding was in Singapore and my children had school on that date. My turkey, from the St. Regis again this year, was good but the rest of the items were foul looking. Bea Long and all the other yahoos contributed greatly to the meal, which was fab. Until we got to my pumpkin pie. The crust actually worked this year and I used those cute William-Sonoma pastry cutters my sisters gave me to great effect. After the first bite, however, it was evident I had forgotten to add sugar. Unforgiveable, to waste 3 cans of coveted canned pumpkin. So that put me in a bad mood.

Yesterday was Thing 3’s 10th birthday. I no longer have children in the single digits, no more babies. This put me in a sad mood. But she is a joyful, joyful soul so I cannot remain down for long.

A large coffee company, the one Klab works for, kept my husband in a business meeting in HK for too long today and he missed his flight home. I will be at the Paulaner Kris Kringle Mart this evening, quaffing glugwein and shopping to drown my sorrows. For Radish readers, she has a good blog post on the dopamine effects of shopping. I commented at length.

December 17 will be Poppy’s 70th birthday, so for sure I will be blogging that day. I hope to get something out which is more in the spirit sometime soon. In the meantime, HAPPY 40TH WILD BILL!!!!



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18 responses to “Gobbledy Gook

  1. gamamae

    Princesa- Para com isso! Q downer. You have to keep blogging, because it is interesting and entertaining and I imagine good source for the compilation book of stories about living abroad you WILL publish someday. Yeah for Sammy and his butt kicking, sleep is GOOD. Now that your kids are in the double digits, they can hang a bit more independently, right?(please say it is so, so I have something to look forward to). BOO to big coffee company that kept MR. U from making his flight. Is it the one that starts with an S? I will not support them for a week or more!! Hang in there and if it is any consolation, we are all susceptible to bouts of crankiness from time to time- ate eu! I’ve got L’il Gs birthday this sunday, holiday concert the week after and then natal…maybe we should get prizes for crankiness? Saudades! Wish I could send you some Fig soap from Drops of Joy-I’m sure that would ajudar. Beijos

  2. Flaky Friend

    Sounds like a bad case of the holiday ho hos. We all have them. I hope you keep blogging because I look forward to it. Your life is so much more interesting than most. Hang in there; your package of Target cheer and W-H xmas ornament will be on the way shortly. 🙂

  3. Winnie

    Don’t quit.

    So the pumpkin pie sans sugar was simply the veggie course in a crust served a little later than usual. No biggie.

  4. Yes, you are in a downer. I would like to say though that your family does like your blog and don’t discount this as,”only my family”. Think of this as journaling, which you know you would not do if this were only a blue lined book.

    Only two weeks ago I thought I could not write another post. Then I decided to write cranky and it helped> And I am having fun again. May I say, that your readers do not need a work of art. We do not care about a publishable piece. We like you just as you are with a paragraph of interest more often. Reduce your standards and carry on. Send up a picture.

    Mr. Radish said that he can think of no place that would be harder to conjure up Christmas than China. But think if you were home for Christmas,all that you would have to do. It is mind blowing. You would be frantic.

    Hopefully your husband will be home soon and you will not have to be a single parent for a while.

    And by the way, this is Advent season. Darkness waiting for the light.


  5. Mood Ring Mama

    HAPPY B-DAY THING 3!!! Tried to call, but no answer. Not even, “Misses is ouuuuuut.” Please tell her how much we love and miss her. Gift will arrive with Christmas packages. We will try again to call, but not for a couple of days since we are celebrating your B-I-L’s 40th tonight in Seattle.

    So sorry about the funk – that has to be especially bad when you are far from family, friends and Target. I bet Sammy’s regiment will soon sweat the funk out of you though. Good on you for working so hard.

    Sorry, but the pie fiasco made me laugh. Just imagining the first bite, when the crusts were so beautifully decorated. Even the mighty fall sometimes.

    Please, if for my sake alone, don’t stop blogging. It makes me feel like I’m with you everytime you post, and it curbs the sistersickness. Most importantly, however, you are immensely talented, and you will publish these posts one day, I am certain.

    Love you lots – MRM

  6. Random Tom

    Well I’m sitting in my Construction office in my little hell hole of a project, on Granville Street, in Vancouver, in the rain and I thought- Let’s check on the princess; she’ll cheer me up.

    So how you doin kid? Is it the Xmas blahs? Keep up the writing if you can. It helps keep my world normal. Have a very merry Christmas.

  7. Expat:
    Blogging and to stop or to continue: hmmmm. . . . I’m not sure I’m the right person to ask about this. I find that no one reads my blog anymore and then I find myself asking, “well certainly that’s not why you do it is it? For the feedback? Honestly, Lisa, I thought you were all about doing it for YOU!!!”

    Keep blogging. As soon as you stop you’ll find that there’s something you want to say and no forum in which to say it.

    Happy Birthday on Dec 17 to Poppy.

  8. maria

    Please do not stop this blog….I really fell you are still near us when I read.VAMOS ANIMAR ;my darling.!

  9. gamamae

    Presta atenção to Maria. Anima ai menina!

  10. Ever so slightly more cheerful. MCV reminded me that this happens every year. I will reply to all of the above comments tomorrow (?) after I work at the school in “Santa’s Workshop”. Love to you all!

  11. 425heidi

    One of my family’s favorite stories that they remind me EVERY year was when I ruined the very precious pecan pies by reading the recipe wrong and mixed in 2 cups of salt instead of the 2 cups of sugar. It was my first pie (I was around 8 years old) and my uncle took the first bite. He loves to ask me EVERY year if I remembered to put the sugar in the pies. I am sure the pumpkin fiasco will become the same memory every year and you will all laugh about it.

    I am writing from a beach in Cancun right now so there are no ho hums from me. I think you and Mr. U need to take a vacation away from the kids and that will help you get your groove back.

    See how important your blog is to me? I read it on vacation!


  12. Gamamae: just that morning I had opened my last bar of Fig Joy and thought of you, so very coinky-dink that you wrote about it. A mesma onda, menina! How was Lil G’s bday?

    FF: Your package will get to you but probably a tad late. I have my tree devoted to White House ornaments proudly on display and I eagerly look forward to this year’s!!! I will post a photo shortly for everyone to see.

    Winnie: it was just plain sad. The [Ugly] cupCakes were a hit in the classroom for the 10th birthday, however. We will call soon.

    Radish: you have been in your own funk yourself and are generally in a Christmas crank for much of December. I can tell you are coming out of yours with the approach of the big 70 for the Popster.

    Random Tom: thanks for your holiday cheer. I am in a funk for a variety of reasons, most of which are not related to the month of December. I would, however, get on the next plane to the US if I weren’t embroiled in my job as mother, hostess (I fake holiday cheer for the masses), and wife (not necessarily in that order). I will blog about some of these issues soon.

    The Rest of You: back tomorrow, am going to bed after a Sammy beating this morning.

  13. safmomma

    It would be a crying shame if you stopped blogging – when I have the rare free moment, like now, the first thing I race to do is read your blog!

    I have some serious envy after reading your ‘back issues’ (sorry, it’s been a while again), what an experience this is for your family! You are doing a wonderful job of ‘spreading the joy’ when you describe your activities, please don’t give it up! I sure hope your Valentines Card has a picture, can’t wait to see how big your Things are – my youngest just turned 9, I have a year’s reprieve before I’m also the mother of double digits only.

    Now go out and have more fabulous experiences so that I can live an exciting life vicariously through you!

  14. This not writing of yours is a pretty creepy way to get others to write your blog. Just so you know, I can’t think of a thing to write today.

  15. Meredith said that you would not think the above funny. To make up, I offer to be a guest blogger.

  16. Radish: amusing, mildly amusing. I will be back later in the day.

  17. Rest of You:

    Lisa: your points are all well taken. You are my virtual twin. Although, I would never dream up that Elvis thing you’ve got going on your blog and I bundle all my comments together.

    Maria Querida: the world’s most expensive package is making its way to your house. I blog for you.

    Gammy: look for yours around Christmas via US mail.

    425Heidi: hope you had a fab trip!!!! Your last hurrah??? The difference between me and you was 36 years. Also, I don’t laugh about pumpkin pie fiascos.

    safmomma: I hope to live up to your standards for vicarious living. We shall see what 2009 brings. I am looking forward to your card – is the Brazilian exchange student featured???

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