Kanye West and the Melamine Halloween

Sometimes I am surprised by what a great parent I am. Last night, Bea Long and I took our teenagers to a Kanye West concert. Kanye is an American rapper and I am sure you all know more about him than I do.

Here are my thoughts and impressions (my age is showing):
1) the theatre was 1/3 full
2) Kanye is not a gifted singer; American Idol has better.
3) The show was big on lights but was a watered-down version for the Asian audience. The Chinese dude next to me, who could not speak English, knew every word. I, who can speak English, could understand about one-third of the lyrics, which I am thinking is a good thing.
4) Kanye did not thank the people of China for coming to see him nor did he thank his band members and entourage. This is unthinkable, in my view. Did I miss a blip of American culture where performers no longer thank their audiences? Isn’t that how performers ratchet up music sales? Maybe he was too cool for Shanghai.
5) The “scene” was pretty safe. Some Dutch kids behind me were smoking pot but, let’s face it, there was much more of that in the matinee theater on a Saturday afternoon where I grew up, so the risk to my teenager was minimal.
6) Kanye’s pants sat higher on his hips than my own son’s. He wore a belt.
7) Thing 1 had a great time and was not embarrassed that I was there, albeit sitting in a separate section of the auditorium. We waved to each other with our light sticks.

Last week an inordinate amount of time was spent searching for imported long-life (boxed) milk. Some was eventually found but across the river, on the third day. The shelves have remained conspicuously bare, the You Know Whos wanting consumers to purchase the local goods.

Candy, probably chock full of toxins other than sugar, was duly passed out on Halloween. It was a pretty uneventful evening. The Things now like to travel in packs instead of hanging with Mr. Understanding. I like to man the door – you meet a lot of kids from your kids’ inner circle this way.

I also had a 4 hour yak fest/visit last week with Louise, the woman who came to my rescue when I broke my ankle in Brazil. It was fab to catch up and compare notes on teenagers, surgeries, and our old friends. On Thursday, we are off on one of Princess Ai Lin’s Inner China tours. The forecast says rain but I am going to think positively, as I will for all things that come to pass.

Finally, a few of the good women of Campinas, Brazil are putting on a bazaar to benefit the Servicio Social Nova Jerusalem on November 8. Say a little prayer for their huge success despite the economy to help the children of the nearby favela.



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10 responses to “Kanye West and the Melamine Halloween

  1. gamamae

    You are such a cool mom – at least I think so.
    What were you watching at the pot-smoking matinees? My first show was Earth , Wind & Fire at Maracananzinho, in Rio.
    light sticks? Whatever happened to lighters? Can a light stick fire up things for you? Perhaps as a mom, I’d like that.

  2. Mood Ring Mama

    You are a super cool mom – the thought of you at a Kanye West concert slays me and will keep me laughing all week long!!! What’s next, Snoop Dog? Maybe the Beastie Boys will make a come back and you can go to that too!

    Did Thing 2 take note of Kanye’s pants? Do I still need to get him a belt for Christmas?

    My first concert – The Bus Boys (think “Eddie & the Cruisers” movie) at the Humboldt State gym. That was the best Humboldt could do.

  3. 425Heidi

    You are a very cool mom! My son is into ’80’s Hair Bands at the moment, so I will not be attending a concert with him anytime soon. You should have heard him trying to play “Sweet Child ‘o Mine” on the guitar last night. He will master it soon, but for right now EEEK!

    My first concert was Cyndi Lauper in 1983. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!!

  4. Girls:

    The matinee film was usually Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – my all time favorite kid movie – for those already tripping I am sure it was very special. Johnny Depp’s version is a close second. My first actual concert was Pablo Cruise. They started very late and my mother made me leave to go home and babysit my sisters so I only saw 1 song. To make matters worse, I got gum on my favorite pair of pants and it never came out. Lot of pot smokin’ going on there too. Belts are still needed for Christmas, along with some zit cream. Light sticks are fluorescent (sp?) plastic wands – cannot actually ignite. Earth, Wind & Fire – that is a show I would pay good money to see. They are one of my all-time favorite bands.

  5. gamamae

    I don’t even know 425Heidi, but I understand the EEEK – I got dork chills imagining it. My time will come soon enough so I will be quiet now.
    If the Beasties make it to China, Let me know..because as I’m sure you know, ” YOu have ot fight, for your right, to PARTY”.

  6. Sarah P

    For 425Heidi, I heard Axl is making a comeback so there may be a concert in your future. My first concert was Bryan Adams. I went with the Preacher’s daughter who surprisingly got up on stage. There was definately pot smoking going on and lighters being lit. Scares me a little now b/c of all the hairspray I was wearing. POOF!

  7. maria

    Congratulations,princess!I have no idea who Keany West is…maybe I´m too old to know what´s cool for teenagers anymore…
    My favourite experience was 3 days concert in Rio in Jan/1985(Rock in Rio).That was insane,we saw Queen,Iron Maiden ,White Snakes,Rod Stuart…..I had my degree in college in december/84,so I had the feeling as my life had started at that point…
    I try to be a good mom too…We are going to Sao paulo next month(Fernando,4 teenagers and me) to see Madonna.You can imagine how happy Fernando is by now.
    Forgot to say another favourite:Skank in Sao paulo with my dear friend princess.

  8. Klab

    Ladies! Want you to know that — sans enfants — I recently saw ‘Lil Wayne LIVE at the Voodoo Music Fest in New Orleans. The air was a cloud of pot smoke and there were more pimples than blades of grass. Hilarious.

    Dying to hear about Ay Lin’s trip! Good luck!

  9. MCV

    New post please! Perhaps about trip with PAL???

  10. MCV: Manana, manana (add the little squiggle over the first “n”). Will duly blog about trip with PAL which was definitely a PRC highlight.

    Klab: Lil’ Wayne?????

    Gammy: “dork chills”? Hilarious.

    Maria: could you work on Madonna’s canines? Figure out how to get Madge into your chair now that she’s out of Guy’s hair. SKANK ROCKS – have the ticket facing my computer next to our Carnaval photo.

    Ate manha.

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