The Finger

My eight year old nephew, Cheese Fighter, gave me the finger at our final birthday party Friday night. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. What child at this age thinks his elderly aunt deserves such a thing? Apparently a child who brawls with cheddar [see earlier post].

Mainly, I was stunned to receive such a fine gift and one especially selected by a nephew at that. The finger is a fine piece of Halloween paraphernalia, a delightful candle made of carefully molded wax sporting a pointy black fingernail behind which hides the wick. The finger came with a candy corn candleholder. I have tried several times to upload the photo so that it appears right here, to no avail. I am running out of time so if I can figure this out later, I will. Otherwise, you are going to have to trust me on the description.

There was also a back up , plain black candle for when the finger became a withered stump. It was evident that careful shopping and much thought went into the purchase, which I greatly appreciated.

Not to be outdone, my other nephew gave me a Christmas ornament of a tiny handpainted wine glass sporting a leopard motif [again, photo currently unavailable]. To those of you who know my real name, try to figure out the riddle stemming from my nephews’ nickname for me. No, I am not a “cougar” [see for definition if need be]. What a smarty pants, that one, knowing how I love a good play on words.

I received many, many fine gifts this birthday and do not want to embarrass the readers by recounting my largesse. I will, however, mention that I forgot to leave room in a suitcase for the Williams-Sonoma pizza baking stone given to me by Mood Ring Momma and MCV so I had to hump that sucker in a last minute carryon bag from Toys-R-Us. This was painful, but not so painful as the thought of baking bread without it.

Mr. Understanding left Monday morning for another foreign country. The cuisine waned in the latter days of my absence but the house is still standing, the children were alive and well, and he was delighted I spent the extra money on the third suitcase.



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9 responses to “The Finger

  1. safmomma

    Loved ‘the finger’ story. Initially, thought you meant he gave you the real thing (I was hooting with laughter) – will never forget when my eldest casually asked me what ‘this’ means (at age 6 or so) and flashed me the finger. I almost fell of my chair – I think he got the point from my reaction. Enough said.

  2. Expat Princess

    WE MISS YOU!!! I’m so glad you are appreciating The Finger at home (as opposed to at my house)! That was an unexpected shopping outing, let me tell you. In a store full of thousands of girly things, with carte blanche to buy his aunt whatever he thought she would like, Cheese Fighter goes straight for the candy corn candle stick with the freaky-deaky, witchy-poo finger. He’s sure going to make some lady reaalllll lucky in the future . . .

  3. Mood Ring Mama

    The above comment was from Mood Ring, not Expat. – MRM

  4. gamamae

    You get the best gifts- sempre! My kids tried eating candy corn for the first time and almost barfed on the kitchen counter as we assembled a Halloween gingerbread house( thanks target holiday kits!). G yelled out – that’s horrible. M chimed in with Ewww, cho-cho( his word for #2). Perhaps I can recycle the unused baggy contents into my own candle holder? I guess that means I have to head back to Mecca to buy a glue gun? It may not be the same with the finger though. Beijocas fofa Meire Cat!!!

  5. Random Tom

    Hi Princess,
    Just popped back in after not coming by for a couple of months. I am doing a project in Vancouver, B.C. as the Florida construction market is DEAD!!
    I forgot how beautiful this city is though I miss my 80 degree weather.
    Glad to hear of all the happy birthdays and wish many happy returns.
    Catch you on the flip side.

  6. Random Tom: thanks for writing in! We have missed you. I thought it was something I said. As you can see, I have not been an avid blogger myself.

    Gammy: love the Target kit!! Way to induct your children into American holidays. Glad you got the play on works. Latest Chinoise recycling project I rec’d via email: used condoms as the elastic in hair bands. Who knows if it’s true but you can be sure I am buying mine at Target and checking the scanner number.

    Safmomma: I can guess which child did that.

    MRM: will try to change comment area to reflect your thoughts. You train ’em up well, you do.

  7. gamamae

    Ewww, cho-cho about used condom hair holders!

  8. SarahP

    The finger this year. What’s next year, a full moon?

  9. Sarah P: You slay me! Thanks for making me laugh this afternoon.

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