Lattes are Down

It’s in the Snickers and M&Ms too. At least that is what the latest text message says about the melamine in the milk. This afternoon, whilst waiting for Thing 2 and his soccer chaps, Bea Long and I sat in Starbucks. She wanted a bottled frappucino but, surprise, surprise, they were fresh out. It was iced lemon tea instead (you can’t even get iced green tea here, isn’t that weird?). Anyhoo, I noticed that latte sales were down, as were the vanilla cream things. Americanos, mango smoothies, and iced tea were the beverages of choice. How much else in the food chain is polluted …. ? The milk meltdown is more pervasive than Wall Street’s.



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14 responses to “Lattes are Down

  1. This is pathetic, me commenting first on my own posting. I find it interesting, via my blog stats, that few, if any have read this post. Everyone is more interested in absinthe, popcorn, and tattoos. Do people not read the news anymore? By the by, if you look at a UPC code and it starts with 69 that means it was made in China. I was scandalized by Thing 1’s smirk when I told her this. Cherish the toddler years ….

  2. Gobi Princess

    Poor expats stats are down forcing her to comment on her own blog! We’ll let me help you out — Check out this link:

    Seems you got some bad info coming in on the SMS. Good news is: M & Ms are back on the can-eat list.

    Finally have ablilty to catch up on your blog here on the unsensored airwaves of Monolia. Hip-hip-hooray!

  3. Thanks Mongolian princess, but what ever you listed is too hard for me to read. We have our own news over here and it is best taken with scotch.

  4. gamamae

    Sorry ! I have not read or listened ot or watched the news in a while..( oka a sneak in a bit of Jon Stewart via internet!)getting aclimated in the big PX and having kids and husband start at new schools. ALso father moving in to his pat this week. SO – what is up with the food products you mentioned? BTW I think Radish is right on about taking in the news with scotch! I’m scared to look at tomatoes from the last time I watched a news report!

  5. Me again. Thanks to Gobi Princess for her excellent web info!!!! I am currently on a no M-Th booze program so no scotch for me until tomorrow. The other local princesses are deeply impressed by my fortitude.

  6. Flaky Friend

    Hi there,

    Olivia and I were almost in tears watching the news from China and seeing the sick babies. It was a hard one to comment on.

  7. SarahP

    Had to go through my pantry. Can’t believe how many food items in the Philippines are made in China. Threw away a lot of stuff.

  8. safmomma

    What scandalizes us, is that all we hear about here in the U.S., is the obscene amount of money CEO’s in the failing investment companies are making, and how we need to limit their salaries in the future; while in China companies are poisoning baby food with chemicals and it’s barely making the top news stories. In fact, it’s not even in my top listings of online news anymore! What we would like to know is, what are the Chinese astronauts we read about in the news, using for dried milk? 🙂

  9. gamamae

    The nytimes has an article on china milk concerns turning to europe…

  10. Come home Princess, come home.

  11. gamamae

    princess – cade voce?

  12. A princesa esta muita ocupada, Gammy. Estou indo pra o EU na semana que vem para o anniversario do eu e a minha mae! Tudo Joia!!!

  13. gamamae

    Q Legal 4U! I take it we are falando em codigo secreto …

  14. SmartAlecAngela

    Que Legal!! Ela nao sabe?

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