Under the Weather

Dong Tai Lu

Dong Tai Lu

The Princess has been/is temporarily under the weather, beseiged by a head cold, smog-in-the-chest infestation, and an inflamed achilles tendon. Bear with her. The next post will be “Houdini Hamster”. To tide you over, here is a photo from a recent rambling. Happy 16th Birthday to Mrs. O’Leary’s Thing 1 and Birthday #? to Gerald from CCC.



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4 responses to “Under the Weather

  1. susan

    Sorry to hear your under the weather. Thanks for the birthday greetings. Hard to believe he is 16.

  2. Raftbuddy

    Sorry you are besieged. I am only besieged by the “beginning of school chaos”, thus the phone call delay. I think of you often and hope the re-entry is going smoothly considering!

  3. I like this image very much. Has a lot of information.

  4. I am definitely not into hamsters. But I will repeat myself and say this is a fine picture. Sell it.

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