It’s like we never left. There is a huge crack in my bathroom ceiling, the restaurant where we had lunch yesterday forgot half the order, and our driver V3 had to go out three times for chicken. The first time V3 brought home a bag of unidentifiable fresh chicken parts labeled “chicken nuggetg” [sic]. I showed him a photo of chicken thighs. Then he brought back 2 chicken breasts, boneless and skinless. My carbon footprint was growing bigger by the minute but we all had to eat dinner so I sent him out again, this time to the local grocery store. And by local, I mean local. To his credit he came home with 6 shrink wrapped drumsticks. I won’t even go into our pork chop conversation which was as lengthy and complicated as the chicken inquisition and elicited ribs.

But the good news is that my house is all here. The bad news is that all of my little messes from June are sitting in tidy piles, waiting for me. The suitcases have exploded all over the foyer, the animals have started their urination retribution campaign, and Mr. Understanding’s secretary forgot to give him the cell phone bills for the last four months so all the phones were, understandably, cut off. The fridge is empty and I simply cannot abide the thought of entering The Dreaded Carrefour. On the other hand, I do not have tadpoles in the toilet or a deluge in my basement, I know where the grocery store is, and the school bus stop this morning offered up New Best Friend potential.

All of that good news pales in comparison with the fact that Mr. and Bea Long invited me and Mr. Understanding to the bronze medal Olympic soccer game tonight starring BRAZIL versus Belgium. We will be mobile at 4 p.m. with caipiroskas in the minivan. Could China re-entry get any better? My sister MCV suggested we wear our Carnaval costumes to the match. Somos Mangueira, after all. The humidity here, however, is worse than Rio in February so I am going to wear a feather headdress instead. VAMOS ANIMAR!!!!

Before the anesthesiologist woke me up last week, I was having a good dream about China, a warm and fuzzy one. The doctors and nurses all thought I was babbling from the drugs until I explained that I lived there. And I guess I have to finally admit that I do; I can get to all the important places, even though I need someone to drive me. Maybe, just maybe, this will be a dragon I can tame. It just might take a little longer than usual. The real question is: do I send V3 out for the limes?

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to MCV and Unca Dunkin. You are over the hump. At least the first one.



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6 responses to “Re-Entry

  1. Tom

    The crack in the bathroom ceiling sounds ominous. Cracks form when things move in the opposite direction.

    I am looking forward to indepth Olympic reportage. China has already claimed they have won the medal competition, even though the US leads in total medals. Sort that out for us, OK? The business world is holding it’s breath waiting to see what China will do once the tourists go home. I think they will return to the black hole policies that suck up all the surplus commodities. $150.00/barrel oil, here we come!

  2. maria

    VAMOS ANIMAR!!!!! Esta é minha melhor amiga falando ,queria muito estar aí to share caipiroskas whith you.Grande beijo pra todos.

  3. Reentry is hard. Reentry was hard after you left. I am trying to do some of the cleaning that I left undone while you were here, but I find I can divert myself from work ,just as I did when you were here. I even have enough time. I have created huge lists, but the same stuff always stays unchecked. Love to all. Today Rick made a dump run.

  4. I am waiting for your next post. Don’t forget it does not have to be long. M

  5. Tom: the engineer is coming to check the crack, which runs around half of the ceiling and down the tiles in a few minutes. Ominous indeed. I am trying to remain positive and think that my bathroom will not need to be redone while I am living in the house.

    Maria: more on the game later. Did you see me on TV???

    Radish: patience. The jet lag/surgery fatigue is taking forever to get over. Will try to write this afternoon. Made your chicken in a cast iron skillet with Ina’s potatoes for dinner last night – delicious!!!

  6. safmomma

    How fabulous that you got to see the game live! We are now the proud host family of a 17 year old, female Brazilian foreign exchange student (Nathalia) and we have had a good time watching the Olympics. She did the happy dance when the Brazilian women beat the U.S. in volleyball, we did the happy when the men beat Brazil – it’s all good! We love our newest addition to the family, she has fit right in!

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