It’s All About Face

Guanxi, baby, guanxi. The Chinese are getting their “game face” on today and the 2008 Olympic opening ceremonies, if the newspaper reports are true, promise to be over-the-top spectacular. Living as I have outside the US for 13 years, I have not seen an Olympic ceremony in 16 years. I once tried, when living in Mexico, to watch figure skating. The female skater, a cute little Russian, was three-quarters of her way through her performance when the Mexican television powers-that-be cut to commercial. Deflated, I turned off the TV set. Why bother?

But now I am in the US and I am going to be glued to the television set. Glued. The Things are all off at camp (Poppy the GrandBear is recording the ceremonies for them) so I will have nothing better to do but watch American athletes compete with the rest of the world.

[While I was writing this I just got a call from Mr. Understanding who watched the ceremonies in an American sports bar in Shanghai. He and Mr. Fixit, his coworker, were welcomed like long lost brothers by a bunch of Brazilians they had met previously through work. A gente tem saudades do calor Brasileiro. Mr. Understanding says the show was amazing.]

In conclusion, I hope my readers will travel back in time thirty to forty years to when holding the Olympics in China would have been an impossibility. For a moment, forget about the smog, the defective toys, and Tibet. Watch the excitement and joy on the faces of the Chinese people, both athletes and spectators. It is genuine. They have come a long way in a short amount of time. This is their olive branch. Enjoy and accept it.



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12 responses to “It’s All About Face

  1. SmartAlecAngela

    Glad to hear you are still here, has your email address changed? Send me your # and I’ll call you this weekend. Lots of news….

  2. Thanks for this blog. From the heart. I do want to give the Chinese a chance. I have been open to the Chinese ever since I read the Good Earth. At the same time, I want us to drill for oil, just in case.

  3. Mood Ring Mama

    Our family is GEARED up for the event. I went to the gym straight from work to feel athletic, and the boys are in countdown mode. (The boys are grounded for 2 days from electronics, except for the Olympics, which might have created some additional anticipation, but whatever.)

    Off to don some Ralph Lauren, even if just socks, to get in the zone. GO USA!!!

  4. Sarah P

    The opening ceremonies were great. The only down side is that in the Philippines you need to pay for pay-per-view to watch them. It is only $36 (US currency) for 17 days worth so not a bad price and no commercials but I do miss the creative US ads. Go USA!!!

  5. Winnie

    I am (enjoying it) and I do (accept the olive branch). I LOVE the Chinese this week! Next week, when they try to poison my dogs again, I may have to rethink – but for now …WOW!!!

  6. Tom

    It truly was the most amazing opening ceremonies I have ever seen. They have set the bar too high for any other country to even match. As a country they should be bursting with pride. I am even rooting for their atheletes because the country is so craving success and they seem so anxious to prove to the world they have arrived.

    If they get the success they seek, maybe they’ll not be so insecure and concentrate on making the country livable.

  7. Mood Ring Mama

    Tom – Great comments; Agree with you 100%.

  8. maria

    This is one of the best posts you´ve done….short and perfect!I felt as if I was a chinese,thanks princess!
    I miss a lot the princess&Mr.U. calor humano!
    beijinhos para voce e 3 things…

  9. Raftbuddy

    Back from rafting. No sprouts on a paddle, but there were sprouts! Am obsessed with all Olympics and am thrilled to have my TIVO working overtime. Extra bonus- you can fast forward through the boring stuff to watch things like the swimming and gymnastics!

  10. Tom

    Does everyone know that you can go to and see everything? They have a great website and you can find out what you missed. Enjoy.

  11. Sarah P

    Thanks for the info Tom. I had no idea but now I will be addicted to this site.

  12. Readers all: when I write my real memoirs I will give you my thoughts on a few of the subjects arising from the 29th Olympiads. Thanks to all of you for writing!!!!

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