We have a winner! A betting person would lay bets on a summer fracture in our family and this year, they would not be disappointed. In the month of July alone in years past, Thing 1 and the Radish and the Bear have sustained fractures to legs and feet, respectively. We thought perhaps Thing 3 would be this year’s winner in her pre-4th bash Doc-In-A-Box visit. But no, the removable boot for an ankle sprain was stowed in the luggage a mere 3 days into our three week travel spree. Mood Ring Momma, likewise, came close with the removal of a large, surgical pin from her foot earlier in the summer; the screw was unscrewing, chipping bits of bone on its way out and causing nonstop pain. How very uncivilized!

This year’s prize, however, goes to MCV‘s littlest cherub, Rough & Ready Teddy, who, in a tussle with his brother, fractured his little leg today. As a mother in a similar situation, I remember few moments in life less frustrating than bathing, diapering, entertaining, and hauling-around-til-the-lumbar-aches, a toddler in a cast. This is when even non-alchoholics memorize the Serenity Prayer. It comes in handy. Please keep her family in your thoughts!

Today, in honor of Maria’-the-Dentist’s birthday, we had a total of 5 cavities filled. Feliz Anniversario, Querida!

There is much to report from our travels. What do you want to hear first? Suggestions, please!




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4 responses to “Sportsfans

  1. klab

    Expat: We truly missed you in Chelan-o. Quelle vaca!

    My vote: Nantucket. I want descriptive details. Cranberries and bicycles, please!

  2. maria

    Dear Lord……who had 5 cavities???better brushing next time 3 things……
    want to read about everything…..make me jealous,darling!

  3. safmomma

    Thought you’d get a kick out of this- we’re about to become the host family for a 16 year old, female Brazilian exchange student! Any advice?

  4. Klab: cranberry blog in the works!

    Maria: get your butt over to China and bring your tools! More on everything to follow.

    Safmomma: my advice to you is to buy her some Hanes Granndy underpants and/or a chastity belt, tell her pedicures are a thing of the past, and remind her that curfew is 10 p.m. Good luck with that, girl! EGADS!!!!!

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