2 Hot 2 Cuddle

Airplane, airplane, airplane, doctor, doctor, doctor, dentist, dentist, dentist, party, party, party, airplane, airplane, airplane, doctor, doctor, doctor, airplane, airplane, airplane, party, Marfan, party: this has been our summer. Well, okay, there have been a few intermittent shopping excursions but nothing sexier than Target and Costco. Now that I can’t even bring food products back to China, some of the wind has gone out of my shopping sails. Thing 3’s foot is back in a walking boot, my parents’ 48th anniversary dinner party was a humdinger, and the 4th of July party a happy jumble of kids, puppies, grandparents, and adults behaving like adults. Most of these events are deserving of a separate posts but time is short so I will try to get back to them later.

We are back at the home of Sue B’s. This time we have found the thermostat, and even though it is not nearly as hot as last October’s heat wave, the a/c is making a big difference. I cannot even tell you how a total of four adults (Sue B excluded) failed to find, let alone look for in any serious manner, the air conditioning. Instead, we sweat it out like the old days with wet washcloths on our foreheads and the windows open, bitching and moaning. What dolts.

Half of Thing 1’s medical appointments are finished, with happy results. One of the benefits of travel and waiting rooms, is the freedom to read. There is nothing else to do but twiddle thumbs or try not to stare at people with bigger/lesser problems than our own. Everyone has a story, and in the clinics we go to, they can be quite traumatic; it is hard to bite one’s tongue and not ask. I know because I have been the mother not in the mood to talk with strangers about the intimate details of my child’s genetic syndrome. So, adhering to waiting room etiquette, we have been devouring books (reviews to follow). I heart Barnes & Noble.

This is not a great post, I realize, but “it is what it is”. I am turning off my computer for the week of July 14. If you need me, call my cell phone or write me an email before then. The pressure to post will be great but I am going to ignore it, dig my feet in the sand, and whip out another book. Summer lovin’ to you all!



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20 responses to “2 Hot 2 Cuddle

  1. MCV

    Sunday Rose . . . let’s discuss. Would they have called her Wednesday if born on a Wednesday?

  2. 425Heidi

    MCV, the real discussion has to do with the fact that the baby was born on a Monday, yet they named her Sunday. Why?

    Expat, what did you think of the pictures? I love the one of you and Mr. Understanding. Have a great vacation!

  3. Mood Ring Momma

    Was it Sunday in Australia at the time of birth? I’m confused too.

    Blessings to Thing 1 on her successful 1st half of appts. Please call us after the 2nd half.

    Adults acting like adults . . . that’s a first. I think I prefered it when we had some bad behavior.

  4. Hi Expat:

    I’m sorry you’re so hot. I get your agony. I have relatives in Virginia and I hope never to return in the summer.

    Having an adopted Chinese daughter, I get what you mean about not being in the mood sometimes to discuss. I imagine you can probably adopt a “don’t come over here” visage when you want to, n’est pas? Usually people stop me in the store or something wanting all the details. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does I’m inevitably in a hurry or crabby. NOTE TO PEOPLE OF THE WORLD: Just a smile and a silent prayer/good vibe sometimes is the most effective thing to do when tempted to ask for details.

    (BTW, Heidi – I LOVED the pictures!! Sally has some great ones on the Radish blog, too!)

  5. Raftbuddy

    Congrats on the tests! Enjoy next week! The Monday/Sunday thing has me confused as well. Doubt if any of us will ever know what is up with that until Nicole and Keith do a spread for Vanity Fair in the future a la Suri and Tomkat.

  6. MCV

    Sunday’s Name Revealed (From People.com):

    What’s in a name? For newborn Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, quite a bit.

    The beautiful baby girl, who was born on July 7 in Nashville to parents Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, is named after early 20th-century artist’s muse Sunday Reed, PEOPLE has confirmed. Her middle name, Rose, is a nod to Urban’s late grandmother Rose.

    “I have read a bit about Sunday Reed and her husband John – she was a key mover and shaker in the arts around the beginning of the century,” Kidman’s father Antony told Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph. “The name Sunday struck me as being a nice name for a woman, so my wife and I mentioned it.”

  7. 425Heidi

    Thanks for clearing that up, MCV! My life can move forward now, and so can yours. Just thought it was interesting that you put the effort into researching this topic. You must be avoiding something…like cleaning the house. That is exactly why I have commented on this blog twice today 🙂

  8. I may be in the minority here, but I like place names (like Georgia, India, and China) and I like Sunday. It’s unusual, but not unusual in the same way as Apple or Maxi Pad or something.

  9. MCV

    or Suri, or Shiloh, or Moses, or Rocco, or Stalagmite. . . . You all know the type of names I like . . . Presidential sounding ones.

  10. MCV

    Oh, and my house is as messy as it always is . . . I’d like to think it’s b/c I check out blogs too much, but I’m not entirely sold.

  11. Klab

    Expat — you will be happy to know that reading this blog… it’s the first I’ve heard that Keith and Nicole’s baby was born. Where were all the pregnant photos? How has this not made it on to NPR???

    Many congrats on successful dr appt.s & many, many thanks for a super fab 4th. ALL of the photos are really amazing.

    Enjoy the Sand.

  12. Still in China Princess

    OK-what photos? How unfair to exclude Still in China Princess! Or-am I not seeing them because now even anonymouse has been blocked and I\’m reading and commenting from and even MORE obscure secret server. Maybe on web2proxy.net I can\’t see pictures? If you snapfish photo-shared and left me out just because I couldn\’t be there I\’ll be sad….

    AND – regarding Sunday – I have to say I too am just now hearing of the glorious birth. The good thing about getting news late is that you can get all the facts at the same time. I love people.com.

  13. one more thing – any news about the Brangelia twins?

  14. MCV

    Princess Still Stuck in China–no word on Brangelina’s twins. Re: pictures, check out Radish’s blog. I’ll e-mail you some more.

  15. Mood Ring Mama

    Mystery Solved re Sunday – cut and paste the following into your web browser:


    Makes perfect sense to name your kid after someone your father has “read a bit about” and that committed suicide.

  16. I left a heads up on another post of yours (One of your posts was stolen by someone on the internet who apparently has ripped off half the blogosphere) but I wanted to leave you the link to her stolen link on cafe mom.

    Here it is”

    I swear this is NOT spam (Oh, how I wish it were. This situation has gotten out of hand)

    Sorry this is rushed. I am trying to catch a plane in two hours. I have a post up on my main page about it because she stole from me as well (With LOADS of discussion) if you need more details.

    Sorry for hijacking thec omments, I just really wanted you to know.



  17. expat princess

    Thanks for the heads up! I have now read all your comments and am duly apprised. Like others, I cannot get there myself. Maybe she has been sufficiently castigated? But let me just say, Almond Roca is far more interesting than Reese’s Peanutbutter Cups. My apologies to the candy makers.

  18. maria

    VAMOS ANIMAR amiga,
    I notice your summer is great….lot of parties..
    Are you in your mum´s area so that I can call ?

  19. MCV

    SNOOZE . . . YAWN. We need an update please.

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