Wiis, Weeds & Reads

There are little messes everywhere from last summer. The Things are busy straightening the house as Mr. Understanding and I have bribed them with one of those Wii things to take back to China if they are duly cooperative. They have cleared out the game closet and collected a stack of books for the church bazaar. In addition to purchasing the video entertainment, I am paying 10 cents a weed, which, if they are enterprising, could earn them a Land Rover if they clear the entire lawn. Then there are spider infestations to be dealt with, the septic tank to be pumped, moss on the roof to be stripped, and the 4th of July to plan. I have my mother’s notes on the subject last year and will be consulting them, but mostly ignoring them. Don’t you think a treasure hunt is a little over the top? Me too.

I thought about a million and one things in the middle of the night for the last two nights and now I can’t think of a single one of them. Except that if there is an earthquake, my bedroom will fall directly onto the earthquake preparedness kit stored in the garage. Should I bury the kit in the yard or build a small hut to protect it? The first night awake I read all of Nora Ephron’s I Feel Bad About My Neck. If that is all she feels bad about in her mid-sixties, she is in good shape. Thighs and upper arms were not mentioned once. Can you channel a living person? I think we have a lot in common, Nora and I. Perhaps I am not really a wannabe Catholic but a Jew. This could explain a lot.

Last night I read Debbie Macomber’s Back on Blossom Street. I have read a few of Debbie’s books, which are light fiction set in Seattle. The writing is not high brow but the books satisfy one’s middle-of-the-night jet lagged entertainment needs. Think Danielle Steele for knitters.

Today an order from Amazon arrived which included:

A Wolf at the Table Augusten Burrroughs – a memoir. I really thought I was buying a book by the Kitchen Confidential dude and that I could share with my mother. Ooops.

When You Are Engulfed in Flames David Sedaris. This book will make the rounds of the entire family.

The Enchantress of Florence: A Novel Salman Rushdie. If I comment on the book, I’ll probably have one of those fatwa thingys placed on my head.

Parenting by the Book: Biblical Wisdom for Raising Your Child John Rosemond. I am going to pass this one around too. I might have to get out of my armchair for the teenage years and I will need some ammunition, Biblical and otherwise.

I Was Told There’d Be Cake Sloane Crosley. Who can resist such a title? Such a preppy name?

Then there are the Costco books I bought yesterday on my first shopping expedition of the summer:

The Island Victoria Hislop – which I touted last year via Ms. Dela but have not read.

The Good Husband of Zebra Drive Alexander McCall Smith – have to find out what Mma Ramotswe is up to, it’s been awhile.

Empress Orchid Anchee Min. China fluff? I need to read something to make me want to go back in August.

RebeccaDaphne Dumaurier – purchased for Thing 1 because my mother made me read this when I was a teenager. I remember loving it.

Add to the above lists The Smartt View, a book KT sent me by a local columnist, Lisa Smartt, in her Hooterville newspaper, and Ahab’s Wife by Sena Jeter Naslund which my SIL gave me for my birthday in preparation for our trip to Nantucket this summer. I started Ahab’s Wife awhile ago but then put it down because I thought I needed to read Moby Dick first. Although a seminal work in American literature, Moby Dick taxed my brain beyond its feeble capacities in the past year and I ditched reading it. If I die tomorrow, that I did not finish that whale of tale will not be on my conscience.

Enough spouting. What’s it going to be tonight? I have a veritable feast on my nightstand, from the flaming wolf to the cake. With my luck, I’ll sleep right through.



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6 responses to “Wiis, Weeds & Reads

  1. klab

    Welcome Home!! Your return to the USA is such a milestone for us all. Surely the sun will follow? Cannot wait to hash and re-hash. What about The Tenderness of Wolves (ital), Stef Penney? Could not put that one down. You probably devoured it a year ago. In any case, glad to have you back on terra firma (possible earthquakes aside).

  2. Raftbuddy

    Hooray! Here safe and sound! Can’t wait for the book reviews. Have got to plan a jaunt up North!

  3. Tom

    You know homeland security is on their toes when they let you slip back in. Hey, I used to have an earthquake kit when I lived in Vancouver. Now I’m in Florida I have a Hurricane kit and I almost needed a tornado kit last night. Tell me, where in hell can we live without a kit?

    I’m thinking the Falkland Islands….or would that require a war kit?

  4. safmomma

    Just finished reading, “The Miracle at Speedy Motors” by Alexander McCall, a healthy dose of Mma Ramotswe is always a tonic to the mind. I have to share my favorite passage of the book with you, “Mma Ramotwe…. considered it one of the very worst features of modern society that people should be ashamed to be of traditional build, cultivating instead a look that was bony and positively uncomfortable. Everybody knows, she thought, that we have a skeleton underneath our skin; there’s no reason to show it.” God bless Mma Ramotswe!

  5. SmartAlecAngela

    OMG, It’s hot here in California. Call me, cell phone is the same.

  6. In order received:

    Klab: have not read that book but I think PAL has! Either that or Wolf Totem. Will verify and read! The sun is here and you are bringing deviled eggs and beaucoup cocktail of choice on the 4th.

    Raftbuddy: I am not holding my breath! Send me your possible dates!!!

    Tom: Brazil. Free from natural disasters, you would need a bullet proof vest, however.

    safmomma: Have not read that one either! Amen to Mma Ramotswe! Thanks for sharing an excellent quote.

    Hot-n-smarty: Will work it in! Send me your new address too.

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