I am up and blogging at 4 a.m. because my mother wrote in that she was getting impatient for a post. A continent away, the Radish still holds sway. It has been holiday weekend here in the PRC, May 1 being Labor Day, the biggest date on the communist calendar. We had 3 days of glorious, pollution -free sun. By pollution-free I mean not visible to the naked eye. The Princess was busy.


*Family work parties on the 1st and 3rd. The junk is out of the upper hall and into my bedroom, but still. The vista is much improved.
*Furniture shopping with Bea Long for her house. I’m all about helping others spend their money and Bea was on a mission. The Things were with Mr. U at the X Games across town – we saw them on TV on ESPN while we were eating our pulled pork sandwiches at Bubba’s!
*Dinner party for 17 on Saturday. Many thanks to ayi, husband & children for helping make it a great success. Or so Princess Ai Lin tells me. She was laughing pretty hard at the other table and I wasn’t even sitting at it. Something about male waxing and plucking, both recurring themes on this blog. Everyone well behaved, can you believe? I am still stunned.
*Reading Bridge of Sighs, by Richard Russo, on loan from Princess Ai Lin. I am not sure this is my favorite of his but am withholding judgment until finished. (Currently, Straight Man is my all-time fave).

In the meantime, here’s a heads up: Mother’s Day is one week away. To my male readers, if you have toddlers or teenagers, now is the time to step up to the plate. As I believe I said last year, this day is akin to Employee Appreciation Day. Spare no expense. Bankruptcy be damned. Cards from the children are a must, preferably handmade. To my female readers, regardless of the age of your children, now is the time to be explicit with your family as to your deepest desires, whether that be sleeping til 10 followed by breakfast in bed, a house free of children for the day, or a new Coach handbag.

Mr. Understanding himself has been forewarned. This year I have ultra high expectations. He must run offspring bickering interference. He must be the decision maker, the go to parent. (A tall order for a man who asked me where we kept the knives during our dinner party). I do not want to make the reservation for the restaurant, remind the children to put on sunscreen, and tell them to clean the litter boxes. I like my coffee with lots of frothy foam (they already know this). This year I deserve a prize and I am guessing that most of my readers do too. How’s about a really nice bowl?

Now I am frigging tired and think I will return to Mr. U’s side. Don’t fret, Radish. The Princess will call, she will post. Stay tuned.



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14 responses to “Prizeworthy

  1. gamamãe

    Harvard guy is not raving about bridge of sighs either…he says Ì´m having a hard time with this one..”`always the diplomat, hardly a quitter! He keeps putting it down, reading something else and going back to it.
    Obrigada for the shout out regarding mothers day.
    I have many hours to use up on my cartão de credito from Kalmma Zen..I think this may one way to celebrate. I may also share the mother wealth, and force KDLorme to help me spend some of my hours. Being a mother of two boys – ela merece!!
    Beijocas fofa!!

  2. Princess Ai Lin

    Boyzilian — that’s what it’s called, it turns out. Now you know why I was laughing so hard!!!!

  3. maria

    I would love to share your Kalma Zen card….I´m a mother of 2 boys too…Eu também mereço!
    beijinhos a todas mamães incluindo expat…..

  4. Mood Ring Momma

    I liked Bridge of Sighs, but not in the way I’ve liked Russo’s other books. It was a tougher read, I’ll agree with you there.

  5. Gammy: does Hah-vahd Guy even read the blog? Maybe print it out and leave it on his pillow. Using credit on massage card does not count … you need something new, like beach art.

    Maria: you DO deserve a Kalmma Zen day! I am guessing Fernando has already bought the jewels but remind him to book the restaurant.

    MRM: is this all you have to say on the subject? really?

    PAL: boyzilian = hee-larious!!!! my new favorite term.

  6. Tom

    Congratulations on the dinner party. I don’t have dishes for that many so I have a great excuse to keep it small. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    It’s 6:30 am here in Florida and I’m getting ready for my morning bike ride to the beach. Have a happy Mom’s day ladies!!

  7. Mood Ring Momma

    What is the definition of “boyzilian”? Tell this story please!

  8. MCV

    I’m assuming “boyzilian” is when a man gets his nether regions waxed . . . ala a female “brazilian”. Princesses, am I correct?

  9. Girls: I actually think it refers to eyebrows but PAL will have to chime in. I was seated at the other, sedate, table at the time and only heard uproarious laughter.

  10. Princess Ai Lin

    of course it is NOT the eyebrows…that would not be very funny. MCV knows her stuff — perhaps Mr. MCV indulges????

  11. Mood Ring Momma

    Now I’m just peeing my pants. I so wish I had been there for this conversation!!!

  12. MCV

    Expat–that is hee-larious that you would think a man getting his eyebrows waxed so funny. Getting the balls waxed is soooooo much more funny!

  13. You are all probably wondering how Mr. Understanding did this year. Well, I have to say, he did not dissapoint. Tiffany, no less!!! Yes, way!! I have to go on record saying that any bad thing I have said about my man, I now take back. I will no longer say anything negative about him as he really is a saint! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him! He da man! He be rockin’! He all over it! He’s a special dude! Yeah, man. If I ever say anything unflattering of him in the future, please remind me of this solemn oath that I will NEVER say anything negative.

    The Expat Princess Herself (maybe)

  14. MCV

    I think Thing 1 wrote the above comment. Or Mr. Understanding.

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