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I have been blog “tagged” by my mother, affectionately known as The Radish (www.grandmere.typepad.com) who was tagged by her cyber friend Sue Hepworth, a British author who somehow found my mother’s blog and sometimes writes in. Sue’s website is http://www.suehepworth.com.

Here are the rules:

– Post the rules on your blog
– Write six random things about yourself in a blog post
– Tag six people in your post
– Let each person know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog
– Let the tagger know your entry is up

I am only tagging Leezer (www.leezer.wordpress.com). Leezer is Mood Ring Momma’s dear friend and my virtual twin but, unlike me, Leezer actually uses her law degree and is 90 lbs. thinner. Nearly a year ago, Leezer adopted Anna, a toddler from China, and has a blog devoted to just this subject: http://www.asongforsongsong.blogspot.com (she hasn’t posted here in a long time). She is also the mother of smart-as-a-whip Georgia and wife of El Rod (I prefer the Spanish spelling). Leezer has a bawdy, scatological sense of humor and is a history buff. She and the Radish inspired me to have my own blog.

I am also giving a shout out to the blog http://www.leavingdominica.blogspot.com and/or livingdominica.blogspot.com. Fascinating reading for those fantasizing about expat tropical island living full time.

Lastly, there is http://www.redroom.com where you can link on to your favorite, participating author’s blogs, such as Amy Tan’s.

Herewith 6 Random Things About the Princess:

1) I wore 3 different, equally hideous, bridesmaid’s outfits to my younger sister, MCV’s wedding. Well, actually, one was quasi-attractive but it did not go with the other bridesmaids’ get-ups. As I was 5 months preggers with Thing 3 and living in Mexico, finding just the right outfit was well ‘nigh impossible. But no worries. The outfits were obscured by big, beautiful hats made by La Lucy, the nutty British milliner whose claim to fame was that she made hats for the movie

    Four Weddings and a Funeral

. Mine was the biggest, as befits a rotund matron, and I had to stow it in the first class storage bin. The other 3 hat boxes were stored in the plane’s overhead cabinets. Quite the spectacle: me in the family way, two kids, 4 hat boxes, and a husband smuggling a box of cubanos in his waistband parading through Customs.

2) Speaking of weddings, I was sober for three receptions: my own, MCV’s, and Mood Ring Momma’s. Felled by food poisoning from MRM’s rehearsal dinner, a Chinese wedding banquet, I was barely able to make it to the church, let alone imbibe. And that was due to a lovely waxen pill inserted in an uncomfortable location. Awful. I stayed for an hour at the reception and then Mr. Understanding took me home, along with my grandmother. Utterly miserable at missing the fun of my sister’s reception, he fed me a piece of frozen wedding cake from our own wedding four months previous. What a guy!

3) I married Mr. Understanding because he is the epitome of patience, is generally quite civil, and looked good in a pair of short shorts. I abhor men who wear short shorts but obviously overlooked this wardrobe faux pas; it was the 80s after all. He is easy on the eyes, smells yummy, and is capable of learning a few new tricks. I am so not worthy of him.

4) I have fallen in love “at first sight” three times in my life: Things 1, 2 & 3. Sorry, Mr. Understanding.

5) Last week, I followed a man down a dark alley in a Chinese marketplace. Bea Long was with me and objected strenuously. We reversed our steps, still following the man, and climbed 6 flights of stairs and eventually came to the man’s locked room where he displayed bowl after bowl. While haggling, we heard a grinding noise emanating from the building. The man was simply trying to take us to the elevator. I would never have done this in Latin America but felt it was okay to in Asia. And it was. But don’t try it yourself.

6) I swam in a river in Brazil where anaconda are reported to lurk. Later the same day I held a boa constrictor. I hate snakes and was trying to overcome my fears. My three Things all draped the boas all over their bodies, one slithering up Thing 1’s face. Having been there and done that, I feel no need to ever repeat the experience.



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8 responses to “Tag Sale

  1. Mood Ring Momma

    Expat’s parade of matron of honor dresses at MCV’s wedding was hilarious; she is the only one I know who could pull off this stunt so seamlessly. One minute she’s in one outfit, the next, ta-da, a new one – no fan fare, just . . . something is different. I don’t remember the dresses being hideous, but I’ll take your word.

  2. Mongolian Princess

    Fancy that — I don’t remember the Princess’ outfits at MCVs wedding either….must have been because I was either blowing out speakers with the rockin’ tunes or stealing the Princess’ popcorn. A good time had by all.

  3. klab

    good dish.

    Matron dress parade went un-noticed by this party-goer too. But I do remember admiring the hats. Did I steal one? Eat one? Have no clue. Hope not.

  4. That whole wedding was something else, the very least of which was the princesses dresses. For starters and finshers I used the bridal suite on the wedding night and the bride slept in my bed. The hats were great though and I still move my hat around.

    Noname, my ankle is doing well. Very well. If it goes well I get to take my boot off in 2 weeks.

  5. Hi Expat!
    I just now saw the tag! I will get to it today! Check back (I will not put a THIRD exclamation point in this comment).

  6. Tom

    Hey! What happened to the no more bowl shopping pledge? Or is DANGEROUS bowl shopping down darkened alleyways OK?

  7. All: yes, the very least was the bride and groom sleeping in the natal home and being served McDonald’s take out by this Princess and Prince Understanding. Again, I was sober for the event and remember it clearly.

    Tom: I just pledged not to go back for THAT bowl. I am still on the hunt. I think my friends and relatives will appreciate bowls this summer instead of Olympic t-shirts. What do you think? And like I said, there was no danger aside from the possibility I would have been stuck in an elevator with B. Long and an unwashed, smoky bowl vendor. Have I opined on the origins of avian flu yet?

  8. Stay away with me with avian flu. But I would like a T-shirt. And I am tired of waiting for a new post. I would also like a bowl.

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