Plucked Up Close

I was too inept to post this photo at the same time as the other but here are the Laundry Ducks up close:

It’s Thursday and I am out the door, late for my bowling league.



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5 responses to “Plucked Up Close

  1. Fancy this, we happen to have the same picture.

  2. expat princess

    Radish: I think that is because I sent it to you. Poppy did not see them up close.

  3. Flaky Friend

    Hi There, Radish I am so sorry about your ankle, but keep up your knitting. Princess, what are your summer plans – would love to try to meet up.

  4. Dear Expat: I am tagging you. See my blog.

  5. Thank you, Flaky Friend. I am doing well. Because of my last broken ankle, I know how well I am doing.

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