It’s a Small World

I think I might have mentioned that God really enjoys a good laugh now and again at my expense. I might also have mentioned the six degrees of separation phenomena and the relatively small size of the globe when it comes to relationships. Today, the two coalesced.

But first, let me take you back to Toni & Guy’s. The original title of this post was going to be “Bootstraps” but other events have intervened. On Tuesday, Mrs. Half Nelson inquired as to the names of the tressdressers at T&G who take care of me; she was in dire need and her regular guy was not available. She was amenable to change. So, I told her to go see Kenny and Maggie. Two hours later I got a text from her saying that Kenny used to sweep hair and get coffee for her at the T&G in Singapore ten years ago. He was stunned to find her sitting in his chair. Both were worried. Could he bring it on? He did, having pulled himself up by his bootstraps in the hairdressing world. Kudos to Toni & Guy for training people up from within.

I spent Wednesday at home, hanging 25 Pratos de Boa Lembranca and taking care of household business, and so gave V2, my narcoleptic driver, the day off. He took the van in for servicing. DABR, Mr. Understanding’s “assistant”, called to say that my new driver was available. What timing! I told her to tell him to start on Thursday.

Thursday found me in Kenny’s chair, a viral girl, sneezing as the foil packets of hair grazed my nose. I was given green tea and a box of Kleenex. Mrs. Half Nelson and Mrs. Bea Long, my old friends and new neighbors at the Jewel Box, came along, Bea for a haircut and Mrs. Nelson in search of an outfit for a Friday night party at the mall. Mrs. Nelson’s driver was sick and she had told him to stay home and sleep. Later, I came home and went to bed, my delightfully glossy hair the only thing on my body relatively perky.

So this morning, Mrs. Nelson called to say that her driver called in a new driver for her to use while he is in his feverish state. The agency happened to have one available. The new driver looked familiar. V2, it turns out, will be driving her to her party this evening. I assured her that he only falls asleep at 11 in the morning, after he has been out partying or up to the wee hours arguing with his wife. She won’t crash over the Nanpu Bridge at 2 a.m. with him and anyway, if he did, it would save her from hearing the complaints of her husband over the cost of her most classy party outfit. A win win situation for her.

I, unfortunately, have to hide in my house for the next two days. And to bring things totally full circle from yesterday, in today’s news Disney has just announced applying for a permit for a new Disneyland in my backyard. Refer to title of post if you don’t get it, but I am laughing so hard my each bronchial tube is in a state of acute distress. Maybe you had to be there?



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5 responses to “It’s a Small World

  1. Klab

    tee hee hee! Just imagine. You might have your very own Neverland Ranch (the name we gave Sheba’s family estate which is in the fine city of Anaheim)! One Question: was Mrs. Nelson’s Friday night party AT the mall? or did she just get the dress there? One never knows. I’ve heard about the (forgive my spelling) Pudang River Party Boat….

  2. Tom

    How can you experience another countries culture if it is being warped by Mickey Mouse?

    Maybe NASCAR will build a track near your house too.

  3. Klab: party at restaurant, shirt actually found at classy French store I sent her to. I am taking full credit for the outfit. It’s one of those $500 white blouse jobbers that you wear for the rest of your life and handwash in Evian.

    Tom: I am not ruling out Nascar. Cartoons of MM, apparently, are not permitted at the moment in an effort to showcase the local cartoonists. It is all very confusing.

  4. La Lopez

    Hey Expat,

    So glad that your hiatus while unpacking coincided with my trip to points north, northernmost of them being Oslo.

    So, here is my travel tip of the week: if you want to get excited about the Euro being at 1.5 to the US dollar, spend a week in Norway trying to make your Kroner stretch. If it weren’t for the very generous and delicious hospitality of the Norwegian government, I would have starved. Another way to look at it is through the Hard Rock t-shirt index (the teen version of the Big Mac or Starbucks Latte index.) Remember the ones we bought in Rio with you guys, with Cristo el Redentor doing the guitar riff? Those were about $25/a pop, right? Well at the Oslo HR, two very similar t-shirts set (with fetching viking ships and tolls on them, however) me back US$118, and one of them was on sale.

    The Euro prices at Duty Free in Frankfurt and Madrid seemed, well, a bargain.

    What are you guys doing for Easter?


  5. La Lopez,

    Thanks for the travel tip. Norway is in fact on our list of places to visit, especially for Thing 1, it being the homeland of her virtual twin. Are they not part of the EU? Forgive my ignorance.

    We are going to be in Beijing, visiting the Great Wall. It is going to be traveler bootcamp. That is, if we can keep our health together.

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