The Shanghai Daily, to which we have recently subscribed, provides much entertainment. Here are some of the stories making news yesterday with a bit of my commentary:

Rejected lover to apologize for 30 Days – do we think we could get our husbands to apologize for 30 seconds?

Sewage plant explosion death toll reaches four – ok, this is not funny but it reminds me of my old house – glad we got out of there.

The real spitting issue: More toilets and spittoons are desperately needed. “ …habits of randomly spitting are deucedly disgusting …” “Deucedly disgusting” – love that. This filed under the Opinion page, under the heading of Moot Points. Beneath it was the opinion piece entitled “Spielberg Olympics back out harms world friendship and communication.” The author, a Canadian, is boycotting Spielberg’s productions. He persuaded me to, too.

Britain still a nation of rowdy drinkers – shocked? I don’t think so.

Mend it like Beckham – shows photo of David Beckham, in for last night’s game with a cobbled together mainland China/Hong Kong team, handing ball to boy in hospital. Thing 2 and Mr. Understanding had a boys night out at the Shanghai Stadium but did not score any photos with the soccer idol.

Expats solve problems the Chinese Way – hmmmm…. I didn’t really get the article.

That’s it for me. I have a wicked cold and am going to try to control my spitting when Kenny’s making headlines on my faded crown at Toni & Guy today. Have a most excellent T & G story to recount but it will have to wait until the next post. Enjoy your day!



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3 responses to “Headlines

  1. maria

    What??The spitting issue is terrible even to a dentist………

  2. These headlines sound like they came from the Seattle times.

  3. Mood Ring Momma

    I want to know what the rejected lover had to apologize for — intriguing.

    Here is my headline for yesterday: Weeding; A Thigh Burning Workout

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